Editorial Reviews. Review. “This is a dark, gritty story that will grab you by the throat and not let Circle of Desire (The Circle Series) – Kindle edition by Carla Swafford. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Posts about Circle of Desire written by Carla Swafford. Read “Circle of Desire The Circle Series” by Carla Swafford with Rakuten Kobo. She Knew How To Fight But Not To Love As the top assassin at The Circle.

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What else did the woman have hidden?

Action/Adventure: Circle of Desire

As in how a writer can use encouragement or habits to put their […]. Terry Buford rated it did not like it Feb 15, The immediate sexual tension between the two characters sizzle and explode off the page from their first meeting on a plane. I find it all interesting to see how younger authors handle the situation. The chemistry between Olivia and Collin is melt the pages hot. Olivia is determined to escape at first chance.

I thought you might like to see my answer. Their love xesire gradual and it did not feel forced.

Action/Adventure: Circle of Desire | Carla Swafford

If you blush easily, ho A break from my usual, that’s for sure. Now she is something to be feared and hated. For her, sex is merely a physical activity which relieves the tension which a stalking and killing mission builds up. For heaven’s sakes, they weren’t even fur lined.


Circle of Desire | Carla Swafford

I read of a woman who is constantly weak view spoiler [ Swaffor think of how she folds and yields as soon Collins threaten her secret which by the way is unbelievable in itself. Olivia is a survivor and her personality resonates that on the pages. Lately, there has been a debate of rather or not the word heroine is outdated.

She finally meets someone who is able to kick her ass. He views Olivia as his ticket to succe I like a variety of different books. Unfortunately, there were two sentences within a few pages of each other with missing words. The novel hurtles towards a stunning climax where loyalty, stamina and every other quality in an operative is tried cirlce tested. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

I was surprised a few times on how the story was unfolding. She lived in an orphanage and a foster cjrcle. His own release denied him unless he showed her his dark side. Theo had scooped him up after the death of his parents, fed him lies about his brother Collin, abused him and trained him to be a deadly assassin.

When Collin reveals the real colors and intentions of The Circle, Olivia wants a different life for herself. So the book has […]. He and our heroine, Marie, were raised in the circle’s headquarters by Excellent Book!!!


But deep down, she never gave up the dream of fin First read in If you blush easily, however, this isn’t the book for you — the naked people on the front aren’t there by mistake.

I liked the concept; a female assassin kidnapped and drawn to the other side.

Here is Olivia St. However, with that said, Carla Swafford allowed for his own “softer” desires and personality traits to shine through enough to know that he was just as environmentally hardened as Olivia, seeking love and peace just as much as she, but not necessarily desirre how to attain it with the type of work they were in.

Marie Beltane, a lowly data entry specialist for The Circle, resents being treated like a little girl and wants to help by proving she’s worthy of being a full-fledged operative.

Someone on Twitter had said that comics…oops…graphic novels or whichever […].

Who does The Circle and OS target? I enjoyed the more in depth character development in this book.