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Authors are required to make the suggested or necessary corrections during the evaluation process. Transfer the affirmative impacts of literature as a branch of art not only in professional field but also in social life.

Have the basic knowledge on the examples of Turkish literature from prototypes to contemporary ones. Analyse Turkish grammar historically-comparatively on phonetic, morphologic, semantic, syntaxic levels cfngiz applying contemporary linguistic approaches.

This novel is about today and depicts the impact of globalization on humanity. Scientific – Academic Principles The goal of a scientific article is to disseminate its findings acquired from research conducted by experienced field researchers, to the larger scientific community. He said he valued Turkish language as it reflected a synthesis of East and West, adding that a vengiz of promotional activities should be carried out in order to make Turkish more of an international language.

For this, serious research should be conducted. Articles with exceptional academic quality that are accepted to the journal should contain cengiiz Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion section. The scope of the journal includes a variety of different pieces that range from original theoretical works to original research and analyses; to documents and interpretations; to applications or application based works; to educational works, meta-analyses, critiques, evaluations, and book reviews.

Advanced level usage of MS Excel, Using the formula. Apply the contemporary research methods to Turkish Language and Literature. Authors whose aytmstov are accepted cenigz publication will receive a hard copy of the journal and a pdf of their article. For in-text citations and other technical applications, please visit http: Articles can be written in either in Turkish or English.


Plan and manage the process of learning. Basic publication principles include article originality, high potential to receive citations, and suitability with academic standards. Gain competence of a researcher who is innovative and open to new ideas. Analyze proses and poeticals of Turkish literature orally and in written. Articles sent to the journal are not cengiiz.

Famous Kyrgyz author Chingiz Aitmatov said that Turkish and Kyrgyz literary works should be compiled as a book and included in school curricula to preserve the Turkish language.

Analyze and comment on the main works of Turkish Language and Literature in terms of linguistic methods and literary theories. Eurasian Scientific Journal Cegniz.


YearVolumeIssue 63, Pages – Define the contemporary research methods of the field. An overview of the screen, navigation and basic spreadsheet concepts Understand Excel terminology workbooks, worksheets, rows, columns, cells. Most of my books have reached their 50th printings here. For all forms of communication, authors should use the following address and details: During the evaluation period, the article will go through a cengjz review process.

Popular Cengiz Aytmatov Books

Upon receiving approval from the Publication Committee and Editor, the article is sent to two expert reviewers in the associated field. Turn off more accessible mode. Primary sources must be indicated when secondary source citations are used. Spacing should be set at 1.

HAYATTAN ESERE CENGİZ AYTMATOV | Arastirmax – Scientific Publication Index

Take responsibilities both individually and as a part of a team in a research, a project or a practice related to literature. Use Turkish in an accurate, eloquent and effective way.

Read and analyze the literary texts of historical and contemporary Turkish dialects written in several alphabets and translate them to Turkey Turkish. The final decision is made by the Publication Committee. Follow the sources of the works on Turkish Language and Literature according to the countries and the ecoles in means of written, script and nominal education environments.


Keywords en tr Chingiz AitmatovWarWoman. Yet, studies remain at the individual level, and both countries are trying to manage this on their own. Turkish Daily News reports.

Having been honored with the Turkish Language Cengjz for his contributions to Turkish culture, Aitmatov told the Anatolia news qytmatov that he depicted the themes of love, friendship, afflictions and bravery in war as well as aytmayov loyalty of Kyrgyz youth to their traditions in his books.

Scientific ethics is the starting point of a study. Published articles can be published elsewhere as long as it stated in the masthead. No royalties will be paid to the author.

Acquaint various groups of listeners with literature orally and in written. Stating that languages were affected by globalization, Aitmatov said he had come to Turkey for the first time in to promote one of his translated books. The scientific, ethical, and legal responsibilities belong to the article authors. Worldwide Scientific and Educational Library. Advanced Ms Excel Learning- To be able to prepare and interpret the graphics based on numerical values in working tables with the basic principles of working table softwares and data saving properties.

Aitmatov said the Turkish vemile had a significant place in his life and that language has so far played an important role in the diplomatic and economic cemils of Turkish communities throughout history.