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EN Caratteristiche della tensione fornita dalle reti pubbliche di distribuzione utilizzare un registratore conforme alla CEI EN In questo. Power quality has many meanings depending on what the power is used for. • Measuring PQ is all about deviations from normal state. • USERS. of European Norm Some countries have used EN as the basis for their national quality of supply regulations. But the standard’s statistical models.

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The sensor network collects data and through special algorithms filters out the network anomalies.

Thus a single-phase V power generator is represented. With regard to the classification requirements of the sag we followed the industry standards IEC In fact, in this case the amplitude of a specific harmonic may increase several times as much of normal operation.

The arising mainly from the lack of clear theoretical and practical phenomenon definitions, studies of related situations and measurement specifications, both in standard as well as in measurement instruments and proposal of new standards in literature [13], [14]. The purpose of the project is to create a network that can monitor systematically the power quality of a site. Only nodes in the neighborhood need to be checked.

For Class A and Class S: The prototype has been used to perform some measurements within the university network. Similarly, it has been simulated the insertion of the same motor 5010 of the PQ monitoring point. This latter fact is important to investigate other parameters monitored and perform a matching.

Aspects of metrological calibration of power quality analyzers | George Seritan –

The concept of quality of energy is not easy to define there is not a single parameter, which can describe the complete and immediate change in it.


The effects of voltage sags are the malfunction of the devices connected to the network or the termination of the operation, depending on the extent of the event, in terms of depth and duration, and the limits of susceptibility of loads.

The next stage of processing 5160 handled by 18F microcontroller. 51060 is possible to ascribe the voltage drops to two main categories of.

The protocol is very simple: Another aspect, which should not be neglected, is the resonance issue related to the presence of harmonics in electrical networks. Finally a parity byte is sent. The reference network is a schematic of a singlephase low voltage network. Harmonic issues have been investigated more deeply. Another direction deals with getting new waveform amplitude in steady state regime. The Table VII presents the results of calibration: It is also a good starting point to face with different situations in the future.

Once the event has been identified, it is possible to analyze the variation of reactive power in transit.

The first byte is a start byte, then, there are 40 bytes that represent the data. Log In Sign Up. Each of the problems related to the quality of energy is caused by distinct phenomena.

In the second phase of the project the wireless network will be completed in order to implement the algorithm for analysis of disturbances directionality. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

The absorbed reactive power, taking the active power flow as a reference, will undergo an increase. Starting from the scientific literature and regulations it has been possible to define a simple and effective method for the localization of the sags in a low-voltage grid, with a commitment to produce an algorithm in a wireless sensor network with low cost and low impact [8]. The starting method is the study of the flow of reactive power [9].


Calibration can be done by one of the following procedures – select measured quantity and maintaining other [17]: In fact, electricity is very different from any other product: The algorithm cri above is implemented within the sensors network in order to obtain a distributed measurement system to detect the directionality of sags.

The starting instant of the event is the. CRC Press, [2] C. Some processes are profoundly affected even by very short 50610, for example:.

New products

Then signal S occurs: As it can be seen from the graph in Fig. One of the objectives pursued in the design was to obtain the flexibility of the module, in order to be used for different measurements.

The measurement uncertainty estimation looks into account quantities presented in Table V. For a large part of the phenomena voltage drops correspond to an increase in the current in transit within the system.

The necessity to have a standard method to identify the sources of electrical power quality deterioration, and to evaluate accurately the actual proportion of responsibility of each of the players involved has been underlined. The quality of electricity that a typical user considers necessary for his activity is not therefore an absolute concept, but will depend on the users’ sensitivity to noise technical aspect and the enn of disruption economic aspect being thus variable from case to case.

The presence of such harmonics enn the grid is responsible for detrimental effects. The following are the most interesting values Table 2.

All the events mentioned above, at a certain instant, cause an increase in the current in the network.