Canatal International Inc. color of the panels shall be Canatal standard off-white. The cabinet is . The resident protocol shall be MODBUS RTU. Electric Schematic – RS ModBus RTU Connection,. M52ES Serial Communication Link. Electric Schematic – Embedded Connection,. M52ES Modbus RTU; Modbus Jbus; Modbus Daniels; Modbus MB+; Modbus ASCII Alerton; Andover Controls; Barber Coleman; Barrington Microstar; Canatal.

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The line uses a bit microprocessor and insulated gate bipolar transistors IGBTs that provide quiet motor operation, high motor efficiency, and smooth low-speed performance. Connects to North’s Extensible Object Model XOMand monitors up to object values and generates alarms when exceptions occur with the value.

SlotServer,CLX, Rockwell, PROSOFT Technology

Our team of experts can show you the best wireless options for your networking needs. Chiller unit capacities range from to tons, with three levels of operating efficiency — Standard, High, and Premium.

Chilled-water or DX cooling coils; DX coil face, row split, or interlaced; hot-water or electric heat, and double wall post and panel construction are optional. The series has a compact design, torque response, and simple handling. A composite major alarm facility allows for complex formation of major alarms based on logical criteria from other alarm points.

NEWS – February152010

They can also be used in new construction, and all seven models feature the exclusively designed stainless steel heat exchanger to deliver high performance and efficiency. The gravity ventilator by The Pate Co.


Safety Seal Fittings eliminate the need to caulk joints, resulting in labor savings. The in-series burners also provide even heat distribution, to significantly increase personal comfort. Data Log Client performs the logging of any connected data point with numerous logging time base options. On average, leakage along the longitudinal seam is 95 percent less than with conventional snap-lock pipe. Telephones Tyrrell Text-Alert Text-Alert provides a full on-call management system, with alarm filtering groups for the delivery of incoming alarm messages as SMS text messages.

Capacity is cubic feet. Thermostats Eagle Mountain www.

Driver List

Spectronics Fire Alarm Communication Module. The Commercial Series product line is compatible with typical HVAC systems and offers all the features expected by commercial installers and system integrators. No tools are required for the assembly as the installer lays a bead of silicon, places the components together, and snap-locks the seal. Also highlighted were moodbus solar X-pump block, suited for installations where adding a solar storage tank is not feasible, and the variablespeed solar pump line, which includes circulators with integral solar differential temperature controls.

SlotServers are also available for most common fire alarm control panel protocols. The unit can be installed for left-hand or right-hand return. Features include hinging and removing capabilities, a bird screen, and water baffle.

Also featured was the Talon building automation system, which includes a series of software drivers designed to make integration as simple as possible. Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy.


Features include an internal seismic restraint, mph wind restraint, 1- or 2-inch deflect springs, supply and return flexible connector support hardware.

The maximum shell is 96 w by l inches, and the minimum shell is 24 w by 24 l inches. BACnet Communication Modules BACnet is a widely used protocol used by major building automation system manufactures in control systems and devices to monitor and control building operations.

Zero clearance to combustibles and convenient top connections horizontal or vertical direct vent make it a good choice for tight installations. It provides an open standards software integration platform for existing building automation systems to achieve a complete operational view of an entire building or campus. Don’t show me this message again. The Unit features 13,Btuh capacity, intake and exhaust hoses humidity is vented canatall of the exhaust hoseand a double filter system, a prefilter and charcoal filter HAF filter available as canataal accessory.

And features a well-insulated, compact, horizontal cabinet. They utilize RA or RC refrigerant. The SmartVFD bypass is sleek, small, light, and cost-effective, said the company. The entire process is controlled by a built-in controller that provides a seamless interface with any process controller.