Canatal International Inc. color of the panels shall be Canatal standard off-white. The cabinet is . The resident protocol shall be MODBUS RTU. Electric Schematic – RS ModBus RTU Connection,. M52ES Serial Communication Link. Electric Schematic – Embedded Connection,. M52ES Modbus RTU; Modbus Jbus; Modbus Daniels; Modbus MB+; Modbus ASCII Alerton; Andover Controls; Barber Coleman; Barrington Microstar; Canatal.

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Depending on the model, the minimum and maximum capacity ranges from to 3, Btuh. It Can control up to 10 outlets per zone, and is 2. The KMI is suitable for high and large-volume rooms industrial spaces, churches, leisure spaces, etc. Sensors are shipped factory calibrated. According to the company, ultraSchwank provides the most uniform heat distribution, reduces convection heat losses, and directs more heat where it is required.

Another compressor shown by the company was the NTU. According to the manufacturer, automatic canagal operation is traditionally preferred to reduce condensation on windows and within the building structure.

Custom output characteristics can be implemented by request for an even greater level of sophistication in the final control settings. The camera features a degree field of view and a depth of field ranging from Standard sizes range from 4 by 10 mobdus 6 by 14; other sizes are available. It features an adjustable flow control that allows a recovery rate of up to 50 GPM. Options include multiple roof pitch interface, additional height, exterior thermal insulation, wind load restraint vanatal mph, and certification of seismic and wind load engineering.

Features include top-mounted water and gas lines and air intake, permitting close, multiple-boiler installation.

QuickServer Protocol Gateways

According to Peter Coll, refrigerant analysis division manager for Neutronics Inc. Used in applications such as ultra-low-temperature equipment, walk-in coolers, merchandisers, ice makers, and residential ventilation systems, the compressor has a high starting torque startability under adverse conditions.


It provides a high-level voltage output VDC ; high positive overpressure protection is achieved by the sensor electrode acting as a stop for the diaphragm.

Cxnatal is designed to operate in first-stage cooling the majority of the time and its two-stage operation improves moisture removal. It is preprogrammed with the most common installation settings so contractors can use it out of the box. All are between The units have both heating and cooling capabilities. The handheld unit is designed to diagnose unbalance, looseness, misalignment, and bearing failures in mechanical equipment including motors, fans, blowers, belt and chain drives, gearboxes, couplings, pumps, compressors, closed coupled machines, and spindles.

The units are available in non-separated or separated combustion chamber models, as well as with aluminized or stainless steel heat canatla. Industrial-grade air doors are also available.

Also featured was the Talon building automation system, which includes a series of software drivers designed to make integration as simple as possible. The units may be shelf mounted or suspended from above. The system is said to modbbus easy to use, can reduce utility bills up to 25 percent, and can deliver a return on investment in six to 12 months. The units, from 30, toBtuh, provide a minimum of 82 percent thermal efficiency. The managerial tool was developed for facility, maintenance, and energy executives in the supermarket industry.

Available for the Communicator LT and Communicator product ranges. With models producing 1.

QuickServer Enhanced

It has a high-profile, noninterference Aluminum equipment rail and accessible, interchangeable springs. AlarmMonitor Tyrrell Alarm Sorter Alarm sorter processed up to 8 destinations of alarms by regular expression matching on the incoming alarm string. Said to be ideal for new construction or retrofit applications, the product is a forced air fan coil, utilizing variable-speed technology.


The unit operates on a single volt electric moebus and has auxiliary outlets for convenience. MeterLog reads the counter of units used e. Provides third-party systems mpdbus a simple terminal object gateway to North’s Extensible Object Model.

This varies if the BM85 is not connected to the FieldServer. The user can record still images or up to three hours of video, stored on modubs 1GB micro SD card.

Unneeded sections are canxtal using tear-away bands, no cutting or assembly required. Don’t have an account? The unit is submersible and can be started and stopped from a PC or delayed to start up to six months in advance. The Baldor Electric Co. ComStar Refrigerant Services www. The compressor can use Ra, R, or R refrigerant and is designed according to the characteristics of the refrigerant.

Connectivity List – Tyrrell Systems

Other available options include variablefrequency drive Motors and drives; stainless steel drain pans, sloped three ways; stainless steel hardware; and powder-coated, pre-painted or weatherproofed canatzl. UHA-Series units are available in non-separated or separated combustion chamber models, as well as with aluminized or stainless steel heat exchangers.

Also highlighted were the solar X-pump block, suited for installations where adding a solar storage tank is not feasible, and the variablespeed solar pump line, which includes circulators with integral solar differential temperature controls. The grille face extends only 3 inches into the room. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Hitzinger Powercon system includes alternators, converters, diesel-generators and UPS systems. Fieldserver technologies computer driver instruction manual 17 pages.