Shop and save on the Brett Garsed Rock Fusion Video at Woodwind & Brasswind. Brett Garsed Rock Guitar Improvisation DVD download. Brett Garsed is known for his work with multi-platinum artists such as John Farnham. Dark Matter is Brett Garsed’s first solo release since ‘s Big Sky, and it’s well “Rock Fusion” is probably the best moniker to describe what Garsed does best .

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I guess this was done in order to save on printing costs and ultimately, the price of the DVDand again, I don’t see this as a real disadvantage. This seems to be an essential topic for Brett, and being a teacher myself, I know why.

Brett Garsed – Dark Matter

Next is the ” Live Footage ” The clips in the “Bonus” section will not only interest fans of Brett I was really excited to finally see some video-footage of those older performances! Brett points out that he considers himself “Not a jazz player, but an improvising rock player”, and therefore, the lesson is not centered around hyper-complicated improvisation math-stuff, but fusino a great, musical approach to improvising over different chords.

Garsed packs this song with soaring melodies, tight unison lines, tempo shifts, and superb improvisation — everything you would expect from a great piece of modern prog. He might not be a “classical blues-slide player” a la Ry Cooder, but he uses the slide a lot to create fusino lines and melodies.

Brett Garsed – Rock Guitar Improvisation download

Views Read Edit View history. This is the one he discusses next, giving away lots of great licks utilizing hammer-on’s, pull offs, small slides, and approaches like string-skipping one lick reminded me of the amazing string-skipping lines in the Nelson-solo a lot!

Rather than relying on scale patterns and figures, he plays with a relative pitch approach, which allows him to play the melodies in his mind. Garsed shows great restraint in his exotic, phrygian dominant infused solo, after which Turcio turns in a killer solo of his own with a cool, throwback-prog style synth sound.


Greeted with critical acclaim worldwide, the pair recorded the follow-up album Exempt in InRock Guitar Improvisationhis second instructional DVD was released covering many aspects of his technique.

Helmerich through today, Garsed has always prioritized melody in his writing. Again, Garsed ends the heavy interlude starkly to return to the head.


Garsed is a highly versatile player — a seasoned veteran with a well-honed touch who can hang in a variety of styles. Pulse Subscribers The Pulse Archive. This page was last edited on 25 Octoberat If you have ever seen him play remember that this DVD will enable you to see footage of him playing some of his songs!

This encouraged Garsed to give up his job as a licensed plumber and pursue a career as a professional musician, prompting him to send demo tapes to as many record companies and management companies as he could find.

– Rock Guitar Improvisation by Brett Garsed by Eric Vandenberg

This DVD basically consists of three parts. Brett Garsed Alex Machacek T. Fierabracci makes an appearance as well with a killer bass solo late in the tune that is one of highlights of the entire album.

Rest assured, the info in this chapter is pretty unlike regular “slide instructionals” Bottom Line: Dark Matter is a highly polished album of rich compositions that are at once complex and listenable, delivered with amazing musicianship from a killer lineup.

The Australian guitarist is well known in the guitar community for his peerless hybrid-picking technique, though associating him solely with this facet of his playing short-changes him greatly. Bassist Craig Newman also provides some great work on this tune over the complex form, as does drummer Gerry Pantazis who shines with a nice solo spot. His first solo album, Big Skywas released in Helmerichas well as being a former member of the American band Nelson.


Brett is sitting in front of the camera with his gorgeous ESP, and discusses some topics that he has spoken about before in his first videoand some new topics he didn’t talk about previously in any video. Even though some of the philosophies in here will be interesting for beginners, I’d say that this is primarily appropriate for advanced players Brett Garsed — Dark Matter Reviews.

Greatest Hits — Anthology 2: After you have worked your chops off, it’s time to enjoy some great music and you get more than half an hour of music by an awesome player as a bonus.

You get plenty of upclose-shots of Brett’s hands, which is cool, especially after watching the instructional part. The instructional part, which lasts for about an hour, covers the following topics: Garsed is joined on Dark Matter by a cast of frequent collaborators from past and present projects.

This might be an odd choice to start an instructional DVD with, but it sets the mood for what’s to come You breth see that 10 years have passed during which time Brett continued to teach at the MIby the way he now tackles topics like “Hybrid Picking” and “Legato Technique”- a bit differently than in the first video.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Three pretty rare clips, recorded live.

Languages Deutsch Italiano Suomi Edit links. From his earliest recordings with T. The third part is the “Bonus” section