Blue-Eyed Devil (#31 on our Top Romances List) reading Sugar Daddy, Lisa Kleypas’s first foray into contemporary writing, I was eager. Scenes of domestic abuse and the journey to recovery make Kleypas’s modern romance anything but fluff. A Wellesley grad and daughter of a. Blue-Eyed Devil Lisa Kleypas When Haven Travis defies her father’s wishes by marrying college boyfriend Nick Tanner, she is determined that.

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Lusa Eyed Devil is getting five stars from me for a great story, a good romance and one of the sexiest, most wonderful heroes I have read about! I’ll do my best, but now you know not to expect my best work I cannot get over how traumatic it was to read about the abuse that she ,isa at the hands of her husband.

Although I think Hardy is one of the most physically sexiest heroes ever written, I also love his capacity for gentleness, how he loves all of Haven and values everything that she is.

Blue-Eyed Devil (Travises, #2) by Lisa Kleypas

One thing that Lisa Kleypas manages better than almost any other author, is an authentic, complete 4. The story just grabbed me from the beginning and kept me entertained the entire time. This is Haven and Hardy’s love story. Not because of the dirty trick he pulled.

He may acted like an asshole in the end of that b The second time reading this story I enjoyed it even more.


For what I call ‘go with the flow’ people who don’t need to be the center of attention, and who often sacrifice their own needs for others’, because they attract the emotional energy suckers like a vacuum. That brings us to book 2 Blue-Eyed Devil. Haven Travis is the only sister in the famous and f Wow! The dialogs seemed phony and if I read the word narcissistic one more time, I was gonna throw myself on a trap. February 19, 15 42 Feb 24, I wanted to mleypas bitter dyed for Haven. She was a wonderful heroine.

I still can’t definitively come to terms with the fact that the book is in first person as I wish that I could have seen some of the story from Hardy’s point of view perhaps his encounter wit As far as Lisa Kleypas’s contemporary romance series goes, Blue-Eyed Devil was much better than Sugar Daddy.

I love Kleypas’ writing style which makes it so effortless to fall into her world and read about her characters. Blue-Eyed Devil was a bit of a surprise to me. I don’t know how you did it, Ms. In the other hand, we witness Hardy becoming as uncertain about himself as any man can be when he finaly finds the person that matters the most in his life, and that weakness made him even more perfect for me. After an uncomfortable encounter with Nick in her apartment, Haven finally tells Hardy everything about her abusive marriage and he helps her discover the joys of sex.


Don’t get me wrong – I liked Haven Travis. Hardy Cates is a hero some readers may consider beyond redemption after his hijinks in the previous book. But Hardy could have been the guy who didn’t win Liberty simply because the older Liberty knew that Gage was the man she wanted. I loved seeing her grow as a person. Kleypas hits the mark in crafting her characteristic self-made hero. I sympathized with her during the abuse scenes with her narcissistic, whack-job of a husband.

Blue-Eyed Devil

I’ve even had to translate hand-written notes for workmates because the cursive has changed so much in the twenty years between our schooling. This book really set my heart up in flames! Haven calls and Hardy is taken the hospital; when he wakes up later, they are finally able to express their love to each other and Hardy proposes. Her ex shows up the picture again creating added strain and danger.

Deep down I think she believed that about him. She is definitely the queen of evoking emotions.

View all 44 comments. He is sexy, sweet, a tad alpha and incredibly hot. Sure, he had his fun until she was ready, but boy does he use his experience well. Not too much, thankfully, but necessary all the same.