Blackmailed Into Marriage [Lucy Monroe] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Blackmailed Into Marriage by Lucy Monroe released on Jul Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Award winning author Lucy Monroe’s books have hit : Blackmailed Into Marriage (Wedlocked!) eBook: Lucy. Blackmailed Into Marriage By Lucy Monroe – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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Blackmailed into marriage / Lucy Monroe – Details – Trove

However his eyes burned with a vibrant intensity lacking in the other men in the room. Life had ensured he became that way. I was surprised at first because not a lot of people are aware of the defect or the procedure. Was she playing a deep game, or was she genuinely nervous around him? Lia turned her back on her family years ago eloping with a young man and going to the US to live.

This is one of those books that seemed really short. Cos I’m turn off by Lia’s grandfather who blackmail her by using her daughter’s health into marrying Damien.

Looking forward to your next book.

Lia Kennedy has turned to her grandfather for help in raising the money needed to treat her daughter’s damaged heart. U Lia has never had much of a relationship with her spanish grandfather, especially after eloping to the US with her high school boyfriend when she was However, he shook his head. Jarriage, most of those problems come from the short length of the story and can be overlook if you’re only looking for a quick read with an original subject. Nevertheless, it was a great story and I’ll definitely be reading more of Lucy Monroe’s books.

I’ve a confession to make. It was all so unreal that Lia spent the next fifteen minutes in a complete daze. She knows that once Damian discovers her secret, he will divorce her and she will be free at last to have her own life. So, Lia’s grandfather blackmailed her into the marriage and Damian married her without knowing anything about it After the marriag Late Review He take his time to let Lia trust him and even research the remedy for her.


She’s so passionate and beautiful, how could he not take her in marriage? Jan 24, Katya rated it liked it Shelves: What made it 4 stars, was the subject matter that was tackled, a brave attempt to step out of the norm and I believe much needed. He’s also had a thing for her for a long time. Account Options Sign in. He had no desire to marry a doormat, or breed such a character trait into his children.

Taking her acquiescence for granted, Damian took her arm and led her through a set of French doors at one end of the long drawing room. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Blackmailed into Marriage (Wedlocked!) by Lucy Monroe

This was simply not a side of the powerful executive she had expected to see. The fear of admitting she had a problem to Damien was almost as bad as the issue to Lia. Lia is very bitter towards both her grandfather and Damien for using her daughter’s life to blackmail her into marriage. Still I consider it worth the read. I applaud Lucy Monroe for this and hope that it did have an effect on those women that do feel ashamed at their syndromes.

This hero was truly a saint and a the definition of the word hero. In addition, the heroine and the hero’s relationship with their families are a bit too caricatured and are not portrayed with any depth. Wow LM is an amazing author. I thought this book was very well done. The relationship problems and hurts from the past are blackmaiiled with her mother and grandfather and Damian and Lia put together a very solid blackmakled through the book built on trust, respect, attraction and eventually love.


The h is maneuvered by her stupid father into a MOC with the H. I was SO happy with the way this story and the love between the two played out. Because of this medical conditionI think that the story focus too much on the sexual aspect of the marriage and blackmauled the emotional one.

Any woman blackmaiped such a problem should get a guy just like him- improbable but one can always hope. Lia is the perfect broodmare, who can provide him with an heir.

As I’ve already said, it’s the only reason the heroine opposed it at the beginning and when the hero is shown to be willing to accept it and to make some efforts, everything becomes OK.

Blackmailed Into Marriage

Damon was a really good hero. Needing to save blackmailedd daughter cute five year old who needs a surgery on her heart that the insurance blaclmailed deemed as a “pre-existing condition” Lia turns to her wealthy grandfather in Spain for help, who dis-inherited her because she eloped with her American boyfriend who has since died.

No, pops isn’t heartless or wicked, he’s simply misguided and arrogant. Even I’m not her current husband, the times she mention Toby name is like minus my mood to continue the story.

This book is is beautifully written. So, not only did I learn something new which I lovebut I got to connect with my cousin about her work a bit more.

Blackmailed into Marriage

The set up was quite different in that the heroine had a medical condition which kept her from enjoying sex. So all in all not very Marrisge is one of those books that seemed really short. He was, after all, still a stranger to her.