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And its interesting to learn the markup differences in big ticket vs smaller items. Its the small things that can make margins. The business is not exactly as described as to the terms.

I know thats tough, especially when you ride a lot or race. Quite a few of us believe that Nashbar and Performance are two two separate entities. Nashbar should maybe just do mail order.

Cozy Beehive: The Story of Bike Nashbar

Nato, A case in point is the similarity of the bike shop to other businesses. They put a lot of emphasis on doing well in this area, hence came the need to motivate employees, getting as much business as possible, moving stuff out the door etc Years ago Performance weaned itself off selling parts inexpensively, and with its acquisition of Bike Nashbar two years ago it probably owned over half of the bicycle mail order market.

No bike shop should have had that bike go out the front door. Canari Century Short Sleeve Jersey. Your Host Ron George Be warned. Pollinations By Email Your email address: The reason they can sell those at a loss is because it gets people to buy a nice bottle of wine with dinner, some appetizers, and the like, all of which have very good margins.


For basics, Nashbar is really good. Their webstore is broken again and no one is at Nashbar on the weekend. Category Press enter to collapse or expand the menu.

I don’t actually know how I feel about that, but a lot of people like or dislike MAPs. They don’t give a discount on the remaining inventory to help hold margins. Finally, there is the Supergo deal itself.

Parts – Bike Nashbar

Another explanation is from Dan Empfield at Slowtwitch. Since you said it anyway, how much is the markup on hard goods in your shop after you get it from distributors or wholesalers. Performance bought Biek back in It’s like a doctor. Arni’s mail order business was thriving so much that in the late 80’s, his bicycle mail order house had branched out, opening five stores – two in Ohio and one each near Detroit, Boston and Washington.

Bicycle parts on sale at Bike Nashbar. I think LBSs charge too much for hard goods and don’t charge enough for their time and skill.

Bike shops don’t make any money on bikes at all. A without telling her folks and poured money into parties and botox treatments at her will. I always check the prices in the actalog different on-line catalogues since there are sometimes variations. There are usually a lot of incentive payments in retail.

Long term advantages are often better this way. You give back things you that didn’t fit you, or you didn’t want, and that later sells again for a much lower margin to someone else! Oh, another couple things: Nashbar expanded its offerings and cztalog catalogues overseas.

I read every single comment. Old Pueblo Traders Specializing in value-priced quality apparel for women. This is critical in the north. If one of you happen to be an independent bike shop owner or work in one, comment on how your shops are coping in such a competitive retail industry.


Some people don’t want to bikke for my knowledge, and they end up spending money on stuff from Perfco, installing it wrong, breaking it, and taking it bik for a refund.

At best they break even. Founder of Nashbar – Garry Snook: Nashbar 29er Single-Speed Mountain Bike.

Compare Add more to compare Added. Many of the parts are purchased at a cost that is for a mfg entity. First of all, the manufacturers give a lot of trade credit on the bikes.


Vuelta Starlite 26″ Mountain Wheelset. Multiply that, and you can afford to pay your mechanics and salespeople to deal with the whims of the “high-end” customers.

Stop, raise, tighten, resume ride.

Furthermore, the manufacturer’s rep has a lot of other services he or she provides, like free ctalog training for employees. S ome believe Nashbar, Supergo and Performance are all operated by the same holding company. That distributor buys LX rear derailers from Shimano, gets an even better deal, and then charges a markup to cover costs of shipping out one or two at a time.

Now open a store with over purchases ect and your acquisition cost is very low. As a consumer I have my favorites. Create a new Wish List. Several times I myself have had a hard time believing the discounts in Nashbar prices.