Between Oxus and Jumna: A Journey in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan [Arnold J. Toynbee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Between Oxus and Jumna [Arnold Joseph Toynbee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Between Oxus And Jumna [Arnold Toynbee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Between the rivers of Oxus and Jumna (that is from Iran.

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Should I take a tonga to the U.

Travelling north-eastward across the Oxus, the Aramaic alphabet was used successively for writing a Central Asian Iranian language, Soghdian, ans Central Asian Turkish language, Uighur, and eventually also Mongol and Manchu. This sudden forfeiture of long-enjoyed privileges is bound to be painful.

As we drove through the ramparts yesterday, I re- membered an earlier besieger of Multan than Edwardes. Within a few years from now, the westernmost and thirstiest fringe of Rajasthan, along the Indo-Pakistani border, is betwern to be brought to fife by the digging of what will be the longest irrigation-canal in the World up to date.

The bright green of its cornfields is em- broidered with the darker green of its orchards and groves. These living monuments of present-day en- gineering are impressive.

1961 Between Oxus and Jumna by Toynbee s

Here the monks attained the goal of their austere spiritual exercises. That is nearly three times the free allowance for a first-class passenger on an international flight.

Stature, features, eyes, expression: I must think and act quickly. Here the upper storey is Vic- torian British; the lower storey is early-nineteenth-century Sikh; and the hill on which the Sikh invaders planted their stronghold might contain layers coeval with junna latest at Charsadda. Instead of being planted, like Chittor fort, on the top of a mountain, Udaipur city nestles in a basin surrounded by a continuous mountain- wall. However did they get there?


A man can fall in love with a river. Sikhs and British in their turn have come and gone, and the monuments of their fleet- ing occupation testify to the transitoriness of human efforts and achievements. Rizwan marked it as to-read Jul 19, In the interval of anarchy in Hindustan, when the Mughal regime was already declining and the British regime had not yet taken its place, another swarm of Afghan in- vaders, the Rohillas, established themselves in a choice piece of territory that is now included in Uttar Pradesh formerly the United Provinces and still the U.

In fact, the summit could yield enough bread and water to sustain a frugal Rajput garrison for years. Syed Xhan Gardazi rated it it was amazing Mar 14, Fortunately, an army of road-menders was busily bulldozing these heaps of rubble into the gaps in the road that had been torn by the rage of the river.

Not content with its mad escapade between Jallalabad and Sarobi, the modern road, on its way Kabul-wards, continues to hug the river, above Sarobi, along the Tang-i-Garu.

Between Oxus and Jumna

Some of their blood, and still more of their spirit, may have been inherited from them by the present-day Marathas in the highland hinterland of Bom- bay. Today I was a passenger with my own life at stake in the hazard.

Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. But ascend the course of the Helmand towards its upper reaches, and you will find yourself in a blind alley, blocked by the highest of the high mountains of the Hazarajat.

Today it is bestridden by the Kingdom of Afghanistan. Clambering up ruined stairways into ruined halls, one gains sudden entrancing vistas of the Helmand lapping at the foot of the bluff. The Kushan Empire was bewteen thoroughfare along which Buddhism made its way from India, through what are now Soviet Central Asia and Sinkiang, to the north-west corner of China.


What, then, can have induced the Ghaznavids to spend half their time in this bare torrid zone, and to erect buildings here on the scale of what they built at Ghazni itself? It was the winter-quarters of the Ghaznavid dynasty.

Parting at twenty and meeting again at sixty! Now we are on the jukna, looking down at the river flow- ing below us. But today these three historic sites all lie desolate. Another Central Asian nomadic people, the Yuechi, following close at the Sakas 5 heels, settled in the country be- tween the Oxus and the Hindu Kush which had previously been known as Bactria and which is now included in the Kingdom of Afghanistan.

Between Oxus and Jumna by Arnold Joseph Toynbee

Its de- composing flanks dropped down precipitously below our right-hand wheels; and this stage of the journey became cosier after nightfall.

It has been sited on the upper slopes of an amphitheatre surrounded by mountains that, on this ans day, shone blue and purple. We may guess that the present-day Pashtuns are descended from successive hordes of invaders who, each in turn, adopted the Pashtu language and, with it, the local form of the nomadic way of life.