Barotseland Agreement of no longer an issue-Kambwili · Sondashi Lungu to meet barotseland activists to resolve Barotse Agreement. The Barotseland Agreement of recognised the Litunga of Barotseland ( Bulozi) for the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement for over four decades. This Agreement is made this eighteenth day of May, between KENNETH DAVID KAUNDA, Prime Minister of Northern Rhodesia of the.

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The local people would have to pay levies for exploiting natural resources as all the wildlife belongs to the paramount chief.

Why Barotseland Agreement should not be restored | UKZAMBIANS

Financial Responsibility The Government of the Republic 194 Zambia shall have the same general responsibility for providing financial support for the administration and economic development of Barotseland as it has for other parts of the Republic and shall ensure that, in discharge of this responsibility, Barotseland is treated fairly and equitably in relation to other parts of the Republic.

Due to continuing human rights violations on the part of Zambia, in the Barotseland National Freedom Alliance also petitioned the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights in Banjul to examine Zambia’s violations. Where is the Barotse Native Treasury? Wikimedia Commons has media related to Barotseland.

Barotseland Agreement 1964 Document

Thank you LT, this is a scoop! The writings are now clear in white and black, atleast we now know the barotwe of Barotseland agreement July Learn how and when to remove this template message.

He asked President Banda not to get tired as Zambians would continued to demand for a lot things from him as their public servant. No one is blameless. Kaunda will die shocked that what he thought is dead has cuaght up with him whilst he is still alive. Two protesters were shot and killed when police opened fire on a crowd in Mongu, Western Province.


Electricity supplies are erratic, relying on an ageing connection [18] to the hydroelectric plant at Agreekent.

In any case what is so wrong with re-visting our past if we have nothing to hide? After the discovery of diamonds, King Lewanika began trading with Europe. Archived from the original on 3 August Agrewment status at the onset of the colonial era differed from the other regions which became Zambia. We have poured every imaginable development in Lusaka. Bull, Mutumba Mainga “Reserved Area: Maikuto a Bulozi a lumela kuli Bulozi bu ta ba kalulo ya Northern Rhodesia.

Reply Kaela Mulenga says: Regulating agreemeng supply of beer is important becos aba Lozi pali ka beer — Awe mwandi.

Barotseland kingdom seeks to leave Zambia – BBC News

Nov 12, at Sata to find a lasting solution. The restoration of the Barotseland Agreement of being championed by some Marotse aristocrats is a case in point. The policy of the Barotse is to break down tribal organisation and have the people unorganised in the hands of the Barotse indunas.

Above all was it even respected? Mr Capitalist put this thing. Other provinces seem more developed because we help ourselves and invest in where we come from.

Good to learn about the article. However, some people claim agreemenr Zambia has violated the Barotseland Agreementand seek independence from Zambia. Barotseland independentists continued to lobby to be treated as a separate state and was given substantial autonomy within the later states, Northern Rhodesia and independent Zambia.

I can see provisions where it was to be signed but no signature. EL bids farewell to Kankasa. Whereas it was proposed that the northern Rhodesia shall become an independent sovereign state to be known as the republic of Zambia. Nothing solid came out of this baarotse.


The answer is simply, they are eating with any government that comes into power. The Central African region became a focus of the scramble by various European powers, namely Great Britain, Portugal and Germany because of the vast mineral and wildlife agreemwnt.

At the pre-Independence talks, the Barotse simply asked for a continuation of “Queen Victoria’s protection”. I have checked again, its not signed. Archived from the original on 23 December We shall help you if you tell us the truth. Home work find out, you are used to be fed.

I call for development to all 9 provinces. The strategy to use agreemrnt tribal chiefs began in earnest after the Berlin Conference of Dancing With White Shadows: But the issue that you have to knw is that before that Barotseland waz a separated state.

This was prompted by Lewanika’s fears of an invasion by the Matebele under Lobengula. Perhaps thats why the govt forgot to add the Ba64 to the constitution.

Michael, this is a very good observation and reaction agnst this foolish nkoya. In a news article, Muchala W. I meant to say Civilization. And whereas on the sixteenth day of April, a provisional agreement was concluded at Lusaka with purpose and it is the desire of the government of northern Rhodesia and The Litunga, acting after consultation with his council to conclude a permanent agreement with this purpose: