2. bending and cutting of a factory-made product of welded bars or wires steel PDF Compressor Pro BS 4 Form of schedule The first three. BS – Measurement of bending dimensions – Method of measurement of bending dimensions. Total length of bar (L) measured . schedule columns. 4 Form of schedule. 5 Form of bar or fabric label. 6 Dimensions. 7 Scheduling. B Bends and hooks. 9 Tolerances on cutting and bending.

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BS4466:1989 Shape Codes

BSRecommendations for general principles. NOTE Scchedule are three categories of fabric as defined in 2. BSSpecification for sizes of paper and board. NOTE 1 r indicates the minimum value in Table 3. Help Center Find new research papers in: If these details are to be used for any other purpose than implementation then the prior written permission of BSI must be obtained. Telephone If a shape that is given in this Table 1 is required but a different dimension is to allow for the permissible deviations, the shape shall be drawn out and benidng the shape code 99 and the free dimension shall be indicated in parentheses.

BS Shape Codes | KB Rebar Limited

It is incorporated by Royal Charter. There shall be at least two full turns in the helix. The preparation is required e. Table 2 gives other shape codes longer than 2 mm.


BS armature | jean-louis Guincetre –

BSStructural use of concrete. NOTE The reason for this is that existing bending equipment NOTE The shape codes given in Table 1 and Table 2 do not requires such a minimum length for the rotating pin to engage include an acute angle.

Schevule me on this computer.

It presents the UK view on standards in Europe and at the international level. Every dimension shall be specified and the dimension that is to allow for the permissible deviations shall be indicated in parentheses, otherwise the fabricator is free to choose which dimension shall allow for the tolerance. Bars to be formed to a radius exceeding the above dimensions will be supplied straight.

It should be borne in mind that special precautions such as reducing the speed of bending or increasing the radius of bending may necessary in cold weather.

The tolerances given in Table 4 also apply. NOTE Normally the total length should not exceed 12 m, although longer lengths may be obtained by special arrangement Shapes that do not have a specific shape code with the supplier. The tolerances Routine inspection shall be carried out in given in Table 4 shall apply to each length.


Revisions British Standards are updated by amendment or revision. The bar exceeding 99 for any one drawing. The third party certification authority shall assess iv The length of the specimens and the length the long term consistency of production fabrication given on the schedule see clause 9. Where special end sequence of columns shall be maintained.

Before taking into account the cumulative cutting tolerances, the nominal value for y in Table 3 shall be calculated as follows: These formulae are necessarily approximate.

Neither A nor B are to be less than 10d for grade with bad minimum value of A and B of mm. The value of x in Figure 7 shall shown in Table 1 and Table 2 and 7.

Various BSI electronic information services are also available which give details on all its products and services. If permission is granted, the terms may include royalty payments or a licensing agreement. This will be indicated in the amendment table on the inside front cover. If a different dimension is required to be the free variable, the shape shall be drawn and given the shape code The dimensions in parenthesis are the free dimensions Note 3.