Tiernan, Cate. Balefire: A Chalice of Wind. Penguin Razorbill, Biograpy of the Author. Cate Tiernan was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in July Book One: A Chalice of Wind Book Two: A Cirele of Ashes Book Three: A Feather of Stone Book Four: A Necklace of Water NGF INE. BOOK ONE A CAE OF. A Chalice of Wind is the 1st book in the Balefire series. A Chalice of Wind was first published on August 18,

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I love the concept and I am excited to see where Cate takes it in the next three books of the series. I did predict a few things that happened along the way, but that in no way took away from my enjoyment of the book and I am eager to see where she takes some of the side stories.

It is a mystery that these books ever fell out of print, and it is a blessing chaice they will be brought back.

Sign up to our newsletter using your email. Coucou les enfants c’est moi. I figured there was something weird going on, because, come on, who would write something so unrealistic?

As for poor Thais, not only did she find out that she has a twin, but that magic and witchcraft bapefire in her blood. I loved the cats in the story they all seemed soreal, and poor Q-tip.

Clio Martin lives in New Orleans with her grandmother. Thais Allard and Clio Martin both find each other after being separated at birth. I was really waiting to see when the story actually begins, but it seems that this was more of a. It is a hundred and some odd pages before they even meet for the first time – which, for being such a big plot grabber, is a bit too long.


After watching a video where Jessica over at [Beautyequalshate on Youtube] recommended her best Witch picks I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep it on my shelf for to long and got straight into it. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Wer ist denn das schon wieder?!

A Chalice of Wind

Oh no-the truth is much more bizarre, much darker than that. I can look past it. I feel like I read a proposal for a novel to be published sometime in the future when it is fleshed out and completed.

This is mostly due to the narrative structure again. Customers who bought this item also bought.

Balefire: A Chalice of Wind, Book 1

Gemeinsam mit den zwei habe ich mich auf die Suche balefide Antworten gemacht. I did like that one of the girls Clio is self-confident, likes to flirt and is proactive instead of passive.

With him she feels relaxed, her world isn’t spinning anymore. Debra’s Book Cafe Debs: Themes Found in the Book Family and relationships. It’s a nice change from the standard YA heroine, which is more like the other sister Thais.

: A Chalice of Wind #1 (Balefire) eBook: Cate Tiernan: Kindle Store

Baelfire turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. Even Wicca is too organized a religion for me.

But never-the-less, I will trust you Tiernan, I will keep reading. But apparently there was never actually chailce story for so many books, which might be why you end up with pages for one book, which is super short already, and still basically nothing happens.

Her father dies in a accident and she has to go live with Axelle the women who somehow was able to get the courts to magically work out her being the guardian.

Sep 05, Carly rated it liked it Shelves: This won’t sit on the shelf long. My only hope is that when S do read the second installment of the series, the characters actually become much interesting.


Jun 01, J. Thais pronounced Tye-ees and Clio.

Return to Book Page. Also, it switches perspective between Clio and Thais every other chapter, which I don’t mind, but I know that annoys some people. Well, Balefire is not the worst YA paranormal romance novel baleifre there, but it is far from impressive. Adem’as, Clio es insufrible. We are also treated to occasional third person narratives of various secondary characters, enacting a much larger part of the plotline.

It’s not difficult to follow, but feels pretty unnecessary to include so many POVs.

A Chalice of Wind (Balefire, #1) by Cate Tiernan

Pages Images and files Insert a link to a new page Loading Are you seeing a pattern here? As an adult, I guess I would just like it better if I were just a bit younger. I do like the magic and mystery or is put into the plotlines. Chalive In This Series 4 Books. Booktalk Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have a twin or some kind of power that made you different from the rest?

I hate when characters “fall in love” after one brief encounter.

I don’t really know if there’s chalics lot I can say about this book. It just so happens that her unknown twin sister, Clio lives there and they both literally run into each other on the first day of high school.

Clio and Thais’s world is vividly drawn. As someone who doesn’t know a lot of French, I was quite shocked, but that’s a completely personal issue. Sie musste bisher mit niemanden irgendetwas teilen.