Eberron is a campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) role-playing Holmes e la Lega dei capelli rossi (Le avventure di Sherlock Holmes, #2) -. This 2-tohour adventure takes place in the world of Eberron. Date un’ occhiata anche alle altre mie avventure: La Tomba del Re e. » lokendil;» Le nostre Avventure;» D&D 5e – Eberron – “Il Numero 13” Tutto quello che c’è da sapere su Eberron!!! 1, 0, 8/7/, In: D&D 5e – Eberron .

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Times are hard in the Hillsfar countryside, especially for those of non-human ancestry. To retrieve the item, the characters must travel into the rocky, broken lands of Thar and unravel the protective magic left behind by the archmage who originally hid the disc. You have traveled the width and breadth of the peninsula and learned what you could about your foe. It was supposed to be an easy task, but it ended in disaster.

If we do get around to that, you will already have the relevant issue and will not need to purchase it for that conversion. Will the characters be able avvengure avoid the Man Slayer tribe that destroyed the first expedition, help Larazmu settle his internal struggles, and locate the tomb that they have been searching for without getting into Moor Trouble? Khundrukar held many fine implements of war in its heyday, many of them now lost to time.

Failure may crush all hope for one of their companions, while success will likely bring upon the wrath of an ancient order of zealots.

A famous relic hunter seeks adventurers to help her find caches of treasure hidden by the now-defeated followers of the Cult of the Dragon. It all comes out. If not, you could run these two outstanding adventures for your group, or pass them to your DM to run if you are a player. Legends say that the fall avvenutre Northkeep was orchestrated by one man, who sought ultimate power but was cursed to remain forever within the sunken ruins of the Bell in the Deep as his only reward.


Uscite Dnd e 4th ed Wizards of the Coast

Running a game is hard work, let us make your life easier. I hope they make the entire series to level Vedi le condizioni d’uso per i dettagli. The Merchant Princes have a treat in store for everyone! Join the fight by participating in any one of five different missions aimed at stopping avvejture cult.

A gamebook-style adventure, as yet untitled, and Tables of Doom 2: The local spring seems to be a source of avvneture problems, and you ebfrron to descend into it to explore the caverns below. An earthquake has felled the windmill of Winton into a sinkhole. Is the woman insane, or is something nefarious at play? The Blackstaff has discovered an oddity in the Weave that surrounds Waterdeep.

Are the rumors of elemental cults true or are the rumors a cover for some other sinister plot? The imperiled drow of Szith Morcaine have extended an intriguing offer, but can the drow be trusted, and for how long? Out of the Abyss. A powerful Lich in her own right, you hope that you wander through her tomb svventure she still slumbers, or else your journey this far deep into the evil darkness will come to a swift and abrupt end.

Fifth Business — Faction Quests by deathbybadger. The adventure also includes new playable races like the wilden and the Chultan lizardfolk, class archetypes like the druid’s Circle of Reaping, backgrounds, feats, spells, magic items, and more than 20 new monsters designed specifically for this adventure, for a Chult campaign, and for Tomb of Annihilation. With the identity of a murderer confirmed, heroes are needed to track it down to its home.


D&D 5e – Eberron – “Il Numero 13”

The Dungeon Masters Guild Adept program brings highly talented individuals together for creative development. Can the characters save some of the travelers and uncover the mastermind of this evil operation? A darkness falls over this city, and you step carefully from root to root lest you fall into the deeper darkness below. The threat of annihilation svventure become so dire that groups as disparate as the Harpers and Zhentarim are banding together in the fight against the cult.

The Great List of Dungeons & Dragons 5E adventures

Jubal and his Carnival of Curiosities left The Stop almost a avventuure ago. Cordell, Kestrel, Gwendolyn F. The alliance between Thay and Mulmaster is stronger than ever, and this does not sit well with some of the neighboring countries; in fact, it appears that one of them is attacking caravans leaving Mulmaster ebberron heading towards Thay. Its roots are massive, but so is the massive echoing bole underneath the tree.

What mysteries lie beyond the doorway from the Tomb of Kered?

While exploring the ruins of Ulcaster in search of knowledge pertaining to runemagic or perhaps even how to create themthey were separated and now the pseudodragon fears the worst. What delights and mysteries await you?