Austin Osman Spare (30 December – 15 May ) was an English artist and occultist . His father then surreptitiously submitted two of Spare’s drawings to the Royal Academy, one of which, a design for include Poems and Masks, A Book of Automatic Drawings, , The Collected Works of Austin Osman Spare. AUSTIN OSMAN SPARE with Automatic drawings by Mr Spare from Mr Swaffer’s collection. S ome of Spare’s “automatic drawings,” done in pencil. Austin Osman Spare was a British artist whose technically proficient depictions of occult imagery were ‘AUTOMATIC DRAWING’, from a sketchbook,

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Rejecting Christianity and developing an interest in western esotericismhe read several books on Theosophy by Madame Blavatskynamely Isis Unveiledand wanting to explore the topic further, he also read the works of prominent occultists Cornelius Agrippa and Eliphas Levi. Miss Alexis Smith Hollywood Despite his interest in the unconscious, Spare was deeply critical of the ideas put forward by the psychoanalysts Sigmund Freud and Carl Jungreferring to them as drawingg and Junk. Notably, Grant claimed that Spare had been a member of the secretive Cult of Ku, a Chinese occult sect who met in Stockwell to worship a serpent goddess.

While the Zos Kia Cultus has very few adherents today, it is widely considered an important influence on the rise of chaos magic.

Spare, Austin Osman (1886-1956)

Ithell Colquhoun supported his claim auustin have been a proto-Surrealist and posthumously the critic Mario Amaya made the case for Spare as a Pop Artist. This page was last edited on 1 Novemberat Like most young men he seems to take himself somewhat too seriously”. Spare on his views regarding the sub-conscious and conscious mind.

But Spare did not entirely disappear. Spare was regarded as an artist of considerable talent and good prospects, but his style was apparently controversial. Spare with a considerable fund of fancy and invention, although the activities of his mind still find vent through somewhat tortuous channels.


Austin Osman Spare () , Automatic drawing | Christie’s

This was a short-lived project, but during its brief career it reproduced impressive figure drawing and lithographs by Spare and others. For these reasons, he believed in the intimate unity between humans and other species in the animal world; this was visually reflected in his art through the iconography of the horned humanoid figures. Views Read Edit View history.

Robed figure and mutating forms. Typically, he was both of these – and neither. His funeral was paid for by his friend Hannen Swaffer, and he was buried alongside his father at St. Archived copy as title link.

Austin Osman Spare Two robed figures, a satyric figure and a tree Volksieg Wodensson rated it it was amazing Oct 24, Bryan rated it liked it Jul 09, According to this story, the accuracy of which has never been verifiedin Hitler requested that Spare travel to Berlin to produce a portrait of the Nazi leader, but that Spare refused, remarking that “If you are a superman, let me be forever animal.

Key to Spare’s magico-religious views were the dual concepts of Zos and Kia. Throughout his life, Spare was an animal lover, taking care of any animals that he found near his home. He considered the conscious part of the mind to be useless for this, believing that it only served to reinforce the separation between ourselves and that which we desire. It was a logical conclusion to view the subconscious mind as the source of all magical power, which Spare soon did.

The Book Of Automatic Drawing by Austin Osman Spare

Andy rated it it was amazing Jul 06, During the late s he developed and exhibited a style of painting based on a logarithmic form of anamorphic projection which he called “siderealism”.

Spare and Carter co-wrote an article discussing automatic writingarguing that it allowed the unconscious part of the mind to produce art, a theme that Spare had previously dealt with in The Book of Pleasure. A Book of Automatic Drawing is a large, folio-sized book of sketches by the renowned English artist and occultist Austin Osman Spare – Magic and witchcraft in Britain. Spare would self-publish it in an edition of copies from his sister’s house in GoodmayesEssexin Spare’s art is abnormal, unhealthy, wildly fantastic and unintelligible”.


Influenced by symbolism and art nouveau his art was known for its clear use of line, [3] and its dawing of monstrous and sexual imagery. The book was finished off with an introduction authored by Scottish painter Atomatic Guthrie.

Many of these works were exhibited in the summer of at the Mansion House Tavern in Kenningtonand then at The White Bear pub in the autumn ofbut the latter proved to be a commercial failure.

Spare’s drawings otherwise than as diagrams of ideas which I have quite failed to unravel; I can only regret that a good draughtsman limits the scope of his appeal”. After publishing two short-lived art magazines, Form and The Golden Hindduring the First World War he was conscripted into the armed forces and worked as an official war artist. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Together they moved into a tenement called Bloomfield House on Bloomfield Place, King Street in Drawint Hillwhich was inhabited by the families of police officers, drivers, clerks and market workers.

Moving to various working class areas of South London over audtin following decades, Spare lived in poverty, but continued exhibiting his work to varying success. Some of Spare’s techniques, particularly the use of sigils and the creation of an “alphabet of desire” were adopted, adapted and popularized by Peter J. The sheets of this Catalpa Press edition were beautifully produced by an art-printer in two issues: Thank you for subscribing! March 21, Auction Closed.