Attraction Formula reviews by real consumers and expert editors. See the good and bad of Paul Janka’s advice. Buy, download and read The Attraction Formula PDF EBook Free The Attraction Formula AmazonĀ» “Paul Janka’s Step-By-Step Secrets To. Has anyone read Paul Janka’s book attraction formula? Any comments?.

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There are some outstanding insights from a regular guide who knows what works.

The Click Magnet Dating System. You have a limited amount of information to study and advice to implement and it takes you all the way from meeting the girl to the end result. Matthew rated it liked it Feb 20, I’ll come back to this further down. David Cortez rated it it was amazing Apr 10, Effectiveness Is the content of high quality? He says on a good day he’ll get about 7 numbers of women he finds really attractive and he’ll atraction with about 11 percent of those so thats 2 girls every 3 days of hitting the streets.

Attraction Formula by Paul Janka

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. This extends to the bonus audio and eBook downloads – in each of them Janka goes into a lot more depth on the steps to take.


The 4 Elements of Game. This means you now get a lot of content for your money now: Fascinated by his story and his psul ability to meet women, I sent him an email to meet for lunch. Easy to Implement – Lots of Detail One of the highlights of the Attraction Formula system is all the detail Paul Janka goes into to describe exactly what you need to do at each step. This product fits that rule very very well. My luck i will open and number close two girls on two different days that would happen to be best friends.

Now, ask yourself if this system is for you?

Josh Shipley rated it it was amazing Jun 17, I would say it’s definitely a great guide. Innovativeness Is it something totally new? It’s a self contained system that contains everything you need. Ease of Implementation Is it practical? Trojan – Now What?

Attraction Formula

The program now janma I’m spinning my wheels, so I’m a skeptic with a lot of this stuff. I love Paul Janka, his game seems to have little structure but he has no fear of approach from videos I’ve seen. Some people really attractiln this kind of detailed advice to help them put what they read in to action – so it’s very useful. For beginners this is great because you have everything you need in one place and it will focus your study and learning curve so you get results quicker.


Age 57 Posts 1, Trivia About Attraction Formula. Furthermore this only works in big cities with lots and lots of women. It’s all about how to walk up to a girl in the street, get her phone number, meet her for a date later and take it from there to the bedroom. May 20, Dan Davidson rated it liked it.

Mar 18, Daniele rated it really liked it. Everything you need is included. He also gives a breakdown of the approach underneath the video on the site. Age 56 Posts This chapter “Luxury Problems: I like what I’ve seen so far.