: Assimil pack cd Iniciacion Euskara (Basque Edition) ( ): Assimil: Books. I’ve been studying with various methods (Assimil, Ikasten, Beginner’s Basque, If you speak French or Spanish, there’s Assimil’s IniciaciĆ³n al euskera – This was. Get Instant Access to Assimil Iniciacion Al Euskara By Ramon Lazkano Jean. Charles Beaumont #67c27a EPUB KINDLE PDF EBOOK.

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If you’ve got the time, it’d be great if you filled out an application form in the incubator: Can I ask why you have this passion for Basque? Instead of Euskara for English speakers, Euskara for Spanish speakers.

I’m also putting together a vocabulary course at Memrise for the Spanish version. Baita ni ere euskalduna naiz. It’s a great course with lots of inciacion, the main issue with it is that it’s a bit dry with the exercises.

Despues de tantas peticiones. I’ve read that even a non-native speaker who learns Basque well will be considered euskaldun bat by Basque speakers.

Euskara batua (Standard Basque/euskera batua)

I can speak and write basque fluently,I’ve just applied for it. Lesson 2 11 Comments. Well, at least once you get beyond the first few units. And you’re right, Basque is experiencing a rebirth, epecially in the Spanish side of the Basque Country as France refuses to recognize Basque as an official language more and more people are growing up speaking Basque at school and among friends.


I started a topic to start more actively compaigning for a Basque course here: Gorka’s Curso de euskera – I believe there’s also an English version.

This doesn’t mean I am a fluent speaker as i awsimil limited occasion to use my Batua unified Basque but my reading is fairly fluid. As do i, i’m not holding my breath but it would be great to see it make its way here.

Maybe soon i’ll have something up and running and people can provide their thoughts on it.

Euskara batua (Standard Basque/euskera batua)

Hainbeste eskaera egin eta gero I applied for the Catalan for English speakers course ages ago but never heard anything back. Aun no hay ningun curso de Euskara en duolingo.

My plan is to reach a certain assimkl level in Spanish and Swedish, and then I will fully commit to Basque Perhaps Basque Euskara can do the same thing.

Hey k4mpfh4mst3r, we’re still waiting for the go ahead from Duolingo. Ez horregatik, Osirisapis, eta milesker zure nebari eskaera egiteagatik: Beginner’s Basque and Colloquial Basque are ok, but way too shallow in my opinion.


There are several great resources already, some of them such as Ikasten are also free and very comprehensivealbeit a bit dry in content. If there happened to be an option to contribute or a group was created or something, please contact him. Let’s make Basque happen!

I just recently discovered ikasten online which is helpful with some advanced grammar but terribly slow to navigate I’ll be definitely into it! It’s a free Iniciaciln file that a learner of the language put together.

It’ll keep you from trying to progress too fast and not internalize the grammar points and well help things stick. I guess it’s just a question of how many people have applied for it,if I am the only one they don’t even take it seriously.

I’d love to see a Basque course here. Benetan, ezin dut ulertu zergatik oraindik ez da posible hemendik ikastea.