Owner’s manual for the Pentax Spotmatic SP model 35mm SLR camera When the Asahi Pentax Spotmatic was introduced to the public at the Photokina. Distributed by Page 2. Distributed by . Page 3. Distributed by Page 4. Distributed by WWW. The Pentax Spotmatic refers to a family of 35mm single-lens reflex cameras manufactured by Asahi Optical used the name Takumar for their lenses. . Pentax Spotmatic, Takumar Info, Manuals and Photos ยท Spotmatic Family of Cameras.

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Through the viewfinder, you will observe the movement of the meters needle on the right side of the manuql glass. The operation is identical as both circuits are differential. Change the shutter speed later, when necessary. Mercury Battery The mercury battery should be kept dry. Cock the rapid wind lever for the first picture; the exposure counter automatically turns to ‘1’, indicating that the first picture is ready to be taken.

Did your meter work with the previous battery? This camera is powered by one 4SR44 6. You can also use vinegar to remove rust. Thank you so much!

Retrieved from ” http: When you focus with the camera held horizontally Position Ahold the lens barrel as illustrated in photograph. Generally, high speed films are grainy and are not suitable for resolution test. I’ll bet asaji camera also has light seals that have turned to goo.

  EN 20898-2 PDF

According to my test, it’s not 1 stop off at all times as you suggest. Unless these combinations are rigidly followed, there will be a failure in flash synchronization.

Pentax Spotmatic

Never it is overexposed, but sometimes underexposed and it can be easily 2 stops or more. When taking a series of pictures under the same lighting conditions, it is not necessary to repeat instructions 4 and 5.

Depth of field is the range between the nearest and farthest distances which are in focus at different lens apertures.

So far, so good.

Pentax Spotmatic instruction manual, user guide

The diaphragm will reopen to its full aperture and the overall image will look brighter. Virtually identical to the SP II, but with an “electric eye” introduced to support the Honeywell line of dedicated flashes. Clean them with isopropyl alcohol before using them, make sure the contacts are pressing firmly against the batteries, and don’t handle the contact areas of your batteries with your fingers. Watch to see that the film rewind knob turns counterclockwise, indicating that the film is moving from cassette to take-up spool.

If not, you may need to clean out the battery compartment and contacts, and also check for corrosion. Be sure to set your film speed asaih the shutter speed dial because the dial is connected to the exposure meter system.


This will permit a “Time” exposure.

Blia 7 years ago. Improve your picture quality by using the Honeywell Pentax filters that are precision-ground, polished and coated for your Honeywell Pentax. I can’t get my meter to work with any asani the mentioned batteries either. Finder Pentaprism finder with microprism Fresnel lens for instant focusing; 0.

The photographic coverage Of the various Takumar lenses is illustrated on page You must get a Wein Air battery to replace it. That’s what he said he was using.

Pentax Spotmatic | Camerapedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Edited by mountain dawg member 7 years ago. Hold your camera firmly and trip the shutter. Ring 1 is suited for moderate close-up work as in copying documents. What scene were you shooting? A serious accident has been reported d of a small child who ho has put asaji mercury battery into his mouth and has been hospitalized for serious gripes and stomach inflammation.