Giant-cell arteritis (GCA), also called temporal arteritis, is an inflammatory disease of blood . Giant-cell arteritis is also known as “cranial arteritis” and ” Horton’s disease.” The name (giant-cell arteritis) reflects the type of inflammatory cell. P. Duhaut, L. Pinede, H. Bornet, S. Demolombe-Rague, C. Dumontet, J. Ninet, et proven and biopsy negative temporal arteritis: differences in clinical. The typical symptoms and findings of giant cell arteritis (GCA) are still too often name “arteritis of the aged,” and later histologically characterized by Horton et al. .. The EFN must be entered in the appropriate field in the

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Associations between polymyalgia rheumatica and giant cell arteritis and 12 cardiovascular diseases. In some instances, biopsy-proven involvement arteritie the temporal arteries can be seen in other systemic vasculitides, e.

Symptoms due to involvement of great vessels aorta and branches of aorta. Although access to this website is not restricted, the information found here is intended for use by medical providers.

A number of diseases whose symptoms and findings overlap with those of GCA should be included in the differential diagnosis headache of other origin, unexplained raised ESR, other forms of vasculitis, polymyositis, non-arteritic AION, endocarditis.


Vaith P, Bley T.

Giant-cell arteritis

A meta-analysis of three randomized controlled trials led to a arreritis for treatment with methotrexate to lower the recurrence rate and spare steroids. Treatment is usually with corticosteroids. After a mean duration of treatment of 2 years, cessation of treatment may be attempted ee27 Cranial ultrasound for the diagnosis of giant cell arteritis. Neurology – Ophthalmology Pages. Retrospective analyses have shown a protective effect on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events in GCA.

These images are a random sampling from a Bing search on the term “Giant Cell Arteritis. Similarly specific are scalp tenderness and abnormalities in the area of the temporal artery hortln artery tenderness, knotty swellings, absence of pulse.

Archived from the original on 22 October The diagnosis of GCA rests on the combination of history and clinical, laboratory, imaging, and histological findings.

El diagnóstico de la arteritis de Horton | Revista Clínica Española (English Edition)

Previous article Next article. In a patient with amaurosis fugax, however, the risk of bilateral blindness should hroton high-dose treatment 1129 SJR uses a similar algorithm as the Google page rank; it provides a quantitative and qualitative measure of the journal’s impact.

Combined treatment of giant-cell arteritis with xrteritis and prednisone. Inflammation of the intracranial vessels, however, is very rare 3e Differential diagnoses The diagnosis of GCA rests on the combination of history and clinical, laboratory, imaging, and histological findings.

CRP values return to normal within the first week on steroid treatment 3.


Occult giant cell arteritis: Optic Neuropathy, Ischemic C Subscribe to our Newsletter. Ocular manifestations of giant cell arteritis. Foreign Allergic contact dermatitis Mantoux test. The patient a few days after introducing corticosteroids methylprednisolone — reduction of swellings of the temporal artery and redness of its area.

J Am Geriatr Soc. Which imaging technique has the highest resolution 0. Differential diagnosis In elderly patients presenting with general symptoms and elevated inflammatory markers, diagnoses of cancer dw infection need to be considered. EULAR recommendations for the management of large vessel vasculitis.

Orphanet: Enfermedad de Horton

The thyroid hormones were within the ds limits. Only comments written in English can be processed. If you’re diagnosed with giant cell arteritis, starting treatment as soon as possible can usually help prevent vision loss. Giant cell temporal arteritis with a normal erythrocyte sedimentation rate: Most patients report constant pain in the temporal region.

Journal of Visceral Surgery. The incidence of giant cell arteritis in Olmsted County, Minnesota: Question 1 What is the estimated incidence of giant cell arteritis in Germany? Aortic involvement is associated with a 2. Treatment of giant cell arteritis using induction therapy with high-dose glucocorticoids: