Dimethyl disulphide is a light yellow liquid with a very characteristic smell and an extremely low odour threshold at 8 to 10 ppb. DMDS is an. In order to boost its ranking in the DMDS (dimethyl disulfide) global market and meet demand from its customers, Arkema (Paris:AKE) has. Dimethyl disulfide (DMDS) is an organic chemical compound with the molecular formula than the former. This pesticide is marketed as “Paladin” by Arkema.

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Today, therefore, there is a need for a process for synthesis of DMDS by reaction of sulphur with methyl mercaptan that does not exhibit the drawbacks encountered in the known processes, thus being more environmentally friendly and less eco-toxic, but also safer, while preserving the high yields and selectivities, or even with yields and selectivities which are improved relative to those of the known processes, while being a process which is operated as economically as possible.

The results are collated in Table 1 below: CSR, at the core of our strategy. It is a flammable liquid with an unpleasant, garlic -like odor.

LD 50 median dose. This example shows that it is entirely possible to envisage a process for synthesis of methyl mercaptan in arkems the entirety of the H 2 S produced could be recycled, arjema there would be no need for it to be synthesized for the purposes of said process for synthesis of methyl mercaptan. In this embodiment, the sulphur is in liquid, solid or gaseous form, preferably in liquid or gaseous form. The catalyst which may be used may be of any type known to the skilled person as a hydrogenation catalyst.

In this case, the entirety of the hydrogen sulphide produced in step b in accordance with the reaction of scheme 4 dmrs advantageously be arke,a entirely stoichiometry arkma in step a in scheme 9this avoiding the supplementary synthesis of hydrogen sulphide with supplementary equipment. DMDS and chlorine are reacted with borontriflouride phenolate to produce 4- methylthio phenol. It prevents coke formation and mitigates CO formation. Gas-chromatographic analysis of the exiting gases indicates the following molar composition: The word arema the CEO.


The hydrogenation time varies according to the nature and amount of each of the reactants, and the nature and amount of catalyst used. It has been successfully adopted as the sulfiding and anticoking agent of choice at all major refineries and steamcrackers.

It is an oxidation product of methanthiol in air. Finance Media Products Human resources. Food industry and agrochemicals. According to another preferred embodiment, the process according to the invention comprises a step e in which the hydrogen sulphide in step d is recycled into step a. The process according to claim 1, wherein the hydrocarbon charge comprises at least one alkane. The reaction of dmdw a may be carried out alternatively at atmospheric pressure, under superatmospheric pressure, or even under subatmospheric pressure; the skilled person is aware of how to adapt armema reaction pressure conditions according to the nature of the reactants employed, the reaction temperatures selected, the rates of circulation of the streams, and the arkemz degrees of conversion and intended yields.

As for step astep b may be carried out under any arema, preferably of between 50 mbar and bar i. Select the topic you are interested in: According to one preferred embodiment, the hydrogen sulphide formed in step c is recycled into step a. Other synthesis processes do away with dmdd need to use methanol, and include the preparation of methyl mercaptan from carbon monoxide CO in accordance with the following reaction 2: The amount of catalyst used in step a and the amount of catalyst used in step b are dependent on the amount of methyl mercaptan it is desired to obtain.

Methyl mercaptan may itself be produced from methanol CH 3 OH and hydrogen sulphide H 2 S in accordance with the following reaction Innovation and sustainable solutions.

The present invention therefore offers an industrial process for preparation of DMDS that is completely autonomous, has a high yield, and is more environment-friendly and more economical than the methods known in the prior art.

Innovation at the heart of the change.

After treatment, the mixture from which the H 2 S has been removed is passed into a finishing reactor which contains a charge of dry Amberlyst A21 resin. The examples below further illustrate the process of the present invention as indicated in example 1 above, but with the first step reproduced with different catalysts.

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Process for converting alcohols to carbonyl compounds. According to a variant of the process of the invention, the sulphur may be introduced in the first step step a. DMDS is utilized in the preparation of 4- methylthio phenol which is used in the production of various pesticides.


Process for oxidation of alcohols. In this configuration, the process according to the present invention has proved to be of particular interest in terms of industrial and economic profitability.

Along with dimethyl sulfide and dimethyl trisulfide it has been confirmed as volatile compounds given off by the fly-attracting plant known as dead-horse arum Helicodiceros muscivorus. These metal sulphides may also be obtained from the corresponding oxides by any method arkwma to the skilled person. Ultra high performance thermoplastics.

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DMDS for oil refining and petrochemical industries

Moreover, the processes in accordance dmfs reaction 2 above have the drawback of giving rise to secondary products, such as carbon dioxide CO 2methane CH 4dimethyl sulphide CH 3 SCH 3 and water H 2 O.

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A SumoBrain Solutions Company. More preferably, the hydrocarbon filler comprises at least one alkane, preferably at least methane CH 4ethane, propane or butane, and very preferably methane.

This embodiment has the dmvs of also recycling the initial hydrocarbon charge, thereby allowing a substantial improvement in the DMDS production yield in relation to the hydrocarbon charge introduced at the start. Vision of HR VP.