To bring a little variety here, I will read (or re-read: I have GM´ed this game) an old favourite of mine: Aquelarre! To bring a little context here. Stewart Wieck is raising funds for AQUELARRE — the dark The third adventure we’ll include in our full-color edition is a solitaire adventure. Unofficial community for Aquelarre, the AQUELARRE — the dark . giving it the new look of Aquelarre’s spanish third edition to the book, but.

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What most do not know is that this scene has been repeated since the beginning of time.

Looking forward to it. Like Boccaccio’s book, our Decameron is a collection of adventures that we hope you want and can fdition on your table, and although they are not one hundred, we believe they provide enough hours of fun. Spanish edition of Aquelarre.

A printed version of the adventure will be added to the Game Director’s Screen, so if your pledge includes this item or you select it as an add-onthen you’ll receive the printed version too!

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We’ll send you the beautiful artwork for the Game Director’s Screen as a desktop wallpaper. Rules These rules can be viewed in greater detail here. At the conclusion of this project, you’ll complete your survey on BackerKit and will at that time add a bit extra to cover your shipping charge.

Instead of basing the goals on the total dollar volume of the project, our stretch goals are dependent on how copies of the full-color editions our backers request as pledge rewards. Drag photos anywhere to start a new post. Sorcerous spells are derived from the folk-magic and satanic medieval recipes. It aquelaere gloriously illustrated throughout.

We appreciate your support as every dollars puts us closer to our goal and helps to spread the word. Or it might just be difficult to maintain this pace.


Aquelarre RPG [in English] – Google+

At about pages, Aquelarre offers everything you expect to find in a fantasy RPG: This is seriously scary stuff. Like making a deal with a devil, Aquelarre is not for the faint of heart. This is the piece that appears at the bottom of Update 6. Monks copy manuscripts silently in their cold monastery rooms. You can compare yourself The mechanics are BRP-based and, while not being particularly remarkable, do their job well.

That last 1d6 is a touch divorced from Target Number roll, and thus swingy, but whatever, d is pretty stylish in name, thus forgivable.

Taken from Nosolorol website: The Masquerade and Mage: It’s a market with its 33rd confusing expectations, isn’t it? Please awuelarre Update 4 for details. Find More Posts by Mercator. Update 5 discusses this book. Overally, it’s a simple but pretty good game. Every Aquelarre 3rd Edition books and expansions: The book is completed with a huge campaign that, without abandoning the essence of the first Dracswill be a new challenge 2 for Aquelarre players [ I’ve taken a couple captures from both PDFs.

In fact, a lot of rules medium-to-light players state that they prefer bell curves, roll at or under systems, and degree of success determiner. Do not link to, request or encourage piracy in any way.

Ships to Anywhere in the world. So, if you backed the english version, know for sure that its roots are deep and sound. Resources Find the right game for you! I am intrigued by Aquelarre rpg from Spain Obviously I am on the slowmobile because I only recently heard of this rpg from Spain and it’s been out since s. Although the family traits are recognizable, it’s now alive and independent by itself.

Another ten adventures that together integrate a campaign set around the Crown of Aragon, that by the time of Aquelarre had spread all around the Mediterranean, from the spanish shores to the south of Italy and most Aquelarge, plus lots of source material about the catalan folklore and There’s a third WIP. Is it beyond imagining SJG pulls off another coup and imports another ‘blasphemous’ European RPG with a respectful hand to both source material and delicate national sensibilities?


But after this 20 years, the supplement has become a sort of “spin-off”, a game by itself.

Gamers love to talk, no matter if it’s telling some anecdote or asking for help with some rules, to share new adventures or game helps. Do not submit video game content unless the game is based on a tabletop RPG property eidtion is newsworthy.

Aquelarre in Spanish in the US. : rpg

It’s a way to bring creative projects to life. This artwork will be a raised element on the coin, which will be minted by Campaign Coinswho ran their own successful project on Kickstarter earlier in A good game creates a good community around it. It’s a complete and ready-to-play game!

Authors themselves had expressed clearly that this one is a hard, difficult and deadly campaign. The game as I understand it from bilingual fans stands out for its surreal mood and heavily researched setting.

Grim and silent soldiers march the dusty roads in search of enemies, both infidel or faithful.

As a translator, I’d love to do such a thing, but I wonder if the potential market would support it. I wouldn’t call the setting “extensively researched”, at least in the core book –it’s quite short after all.


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