Louis Pasteur built his reputation and altered the course of twentieth century science by plagiarizing and distorting the work Antoine Bechamp. Pearson exposes. Antoine Bechamp, the babe of , died on the 15th April, , fourteen days after he was first visited by an aged American physician between whom and. The French chemist Antoine Béchamp (–) was a life-long rival to the Béchamp was comprehensively wrong, but not absolutely so.

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And he regarded as proven that there was nothing living in the blood or in the flesh, and that all animal matters, without the germs of the air, would remain indefinitely unchanged.

It is strange that with the dispute raging between Bechamp and Pasteur over who had discovered that antline was a parasitical disease, Gernez did not speak of his own claims in the matter – possibly a job was more important.

It is one of bechammp most important rights we antoien. These Protits are what come form the air and get in sugar water, wine or whatever and do what they are supposed to do, eat. The translator had long previously submitted to the professor an extensive summary of his physiological and biological discoveries, and by him it was revised and approved. He came to the conclusion that the alexines of the various species of animals differ from one another.

Pasteur Versus Béchamp: The History of Germ Theory

Bechamp proved to his own satisfaction that these moulds were living organisms and that cane sugar was inverted, as he said ” On further experiments, with the rigid exclusion of all air the whole healthy grapes, with stalks attached, being introduced directly from the vine into boiled sweetened water, cooled with carbonic acid gas bubbling through itfermentation took place, and was completed in this medium, proving that air was not required.

Make use of Pasteur’s system! But water and sugar, no matter what proportions be employed, will not ferment alone, and equilibrium will persist between the principles the simple bodies of this combination if it be not broken by some means. In some experiments there were actual cellules, different both from yeast globules and from the ferment of the lees of wine. While Pasteur thus experimented, I continued to develop the consequences of my memoir of The study of these and of the other discoveries of Professor Bechamp will produce a new departure and a sound basis for the sciences of biology, of physiology and of pathology, today floating in chaotic uncertainty and confusion; and will, it is hoped, bring the medical profession back to the right path of investigation and of practice from which it has suffered itself to be led astray into the microbian theory of disease, which, as before mentioned, was declared by Bechamp to be the “greatest scientific silliness of the age.


We must remember that all protein contains nitrogen and sulphur, which when released in the body combines with water and other matters to form destructive uric acid and sulphurous or sulphuric acids, all of which must immediately be neutralized by the alkaline minerals to prevent cell destruction. Furthermore, even though a serum cannot dissolve the red blood corpuscles, it might dissolve the leucocytes, the so-called white corpuscles, and this tendency seems to be much more common; in fact, it seems to be the basis of the process of artificial immunity!

Yet Pasteur repeated his statement four years later in Etudes sur la Bierso Bechamp’s clear explanation apparently failed to have any effect – at least antpine him. Now, in effect, pure yeast, subjected to a methodical washing with distilled water, yields to it at first scarcely anything, only a trace of zythozymas and phosphoric acid. They are as important and necessary to human life as those found elsewhere in nature, and are in reality just as harmless if we live bevhamp, as Bechamp so clearly showed.

From the point of view of a methodic classification, they should rather becgamp ranged beside globules of pus, or globules of blood, or better still, granules of starch, than beside infusoria or moulds Virchow had held that the cellules were living in a living organism, the conception of Bichat was more and more regarded as unacceptable and the hypothesis of the cellularists as unfounded.

In short, it was spontaneous fermentation of materials in presence of one another.

He also showed that these micro-organisms, under varying conditions, might even change their shape, as has been recently proved so conclusively by F. He listened at last, and who can blame him, for what man can remain at his proper business of finding out the ways of microbes with governments bawling for antpine place in the sun – or with mothers calling?

Moulds being insoluble by reason of their being organized, effect the inversion by means of an agent analogous to diastase; that is to say, by means of a soluble ferment. Here is an indisputable proof thereof: It is also an etymological solecism. South African Journal of Science.


He also discovered in it succinic acid, which had been long before discovered in it by Schmidt. Such was the first influence of the Lavoisierian theory upon physiological anatomy; it was thus that in in the third edition of his ” Philosophie Chimique ” Fourcroy said:.

Plenciz maintained that there was a special organism by which each infectious disease was produced, that micro-organisms were capable of reproduction outside antkine the body, and that they might be conveyed from place to place by the air. Hence he was able to state before the Agricultural Society of Herault the same year that pebrine was a parasitic disease and that thin creosote vapour would prevent the attack of the bevhamp.

This idea, which, to the people of that time at least, must have accounted easily and completely for such strange occurrences as contagion, infection and epidemics, would have been widely discussed in the medical or scientific circles of that time, and in literature available to Pasteur.

Antoine Béchamp

It is the chrysalide rather than the worm, that one should try to submit to proper remedies. There is no single cause of disease. Necessary measures have been taken with the greatest care; suspected grounds have been closely quarantined; this measure had been extended to whole communities and even to entire districts; disinfection had been carefully carried out; and notwithstanding all this, the disease kept spreading.

In these two flasks, moulds soon appeared, and alteration in the medium ensued. But it can be seen from his Treatise upon Elementary Chemistry, published inthat he had established that yeast is a quarternary nitrogenized body, and that which remained of it at the end of the fermentation contained less nitrogen, and that besides the alcohol a little acetic acid was formed.

Now that this atnoine been proven so overwhelmingly, we can see how a vaccine for any one disease could start some other disease through these mutation forms. But he recognised that “the figure of the blood globules is constant and that they are not merely a collection of fatty grains