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Find the most up-to-date version of ASME BM at Engineering All dimensions are in mm. ANSI BM Metric Hex Bolts. TRANSHOW INDUSTRY LIMITED. GAOYANG RD, ZHOUHAN VILLAGE, JIANGSHAN. ASME-ANSI-BM Hex Head Bolts Dimensional Standards and Technical Specifications in Metric series ranging M3 upto M as per ASME and ANSI.

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The bearing surface shall be reasonably flat. When reaffirmation, amendment, revision, or cancellation of this standard is initially proposed, the industry group responsible for this standard shall inform b81.2.3.5m Military Coordinating Activity of the proposed action and request their participation.

ThicknessProperty Class Metric hex bolts shall conform to this document and Appendix III, which establishes standard itemsfor Government application. No part of this document maybe reproduced in any form, in an electronic retrieval systemorotherwise, withoutthepriorwritten permission of the publisher.

Contractors and industry groups must obtain copies directly from: We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents.

Hex bolts Suppliers 2. The axis of the hex head shall be located at true position with respect to the axis of the bolt determinedover a distance under the head equal to one bolt diameter within a tolerance zone of diameter equal to 6 percent of b18.23.5m specified maximum width across flats.

ANSI B18.2.3.5M (1979)

Black hexagon thin head bolts. Hexagon head bolts with reduced shank-product grade B. Metric hexagon head bolts and screws faced under head. The head height is the distance, as measured parallel to theaxis of the bolt, from the top of the head to theunder head bearingsurface. Black hexagon head bolts and screws. Size px x x x x Hexagon head bolts – Finished and semi-finished.


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ASME-ANSI-B18.2.3.5M Standard, ASME-ANSI-B18.2.3.5M Metric Series Hex Head Bolts

Bolts need not be pointed. Date of Specific Issue Adopted: Material and Mechanical Properties. Bolts shall not contain an excess of surfaceimperfections which might affect their serviceability, such as burrs, seams, laps, loose scale and other irregularities.

Hexagon head bolts and screws.

ANSI BM () – Free Download PDF

Thank you for interesting in our services. Hexagon head bolts Suppliers 6.

Angularity measurement shall be taken at alocation to avoid interference from a die seam. Committee B18affirmed the TC2 decisions at a meeting on June 29, and drafting of this standard was started. Tolerancesfor bolt lengths ate given in Table 3. Theroundingdue to lack offill at the six corners of the head shall be reasonably uniform. Subcommittee 2 was assigned responsibility for developing standards for metric hex bolts, screws and nuts. The wrenching height is the distance, measured at a comer of the hex, from the plane of the bearing surface to the last plane of full formed hex, Le.

ISO metric hot-dip galvanized hexagon bolts for building.


Metric Threaded Fasteners – Engineering Subjects

Ferry Screw Products Company, Inc. The indicated industry group has furnished the clearances required by existing regulations. Unified hexagon head bolts. Consumers are requested to consultwithmanufacturersconcerning lists of stock production hexbolts.

Hexagon head with waisted shank. Metric black hexagon head bolts and screws.

The length of the boltshall be measured parallel to the axis of the bolt from the underside of head to the extreme end of the shank. Tisch, Desert Hot Springs. Hexagon head bolts-Product grades A and B Suppliers 6. Unless otherwise specified, screwsand bolts shall be supplied with a natural as processed finish, unplated ansk uncoated. Hexagon head bolts – Product grades A and B Suppliers 2. It represents the minimum design grip length of the bolt and shall be used as the criterion for inspection and for determining thread availability when selecting bolt lengths even though usable threads may extend beyondthis point.

Theindicated industry group has furnished the clearances required by existing regulations.

Subcommittee 2 was subsequently established and charged with the responsibility for technical content of standards covering wrench head bolts and nuts. Metric hex transmission tower bolts. In FebruaryCommittee B18 b18.2.35.m a cooperative program with the Department of Defense directly by the Government for procurement purposes.