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Tom is sometimes the best in the class. John is far from home often. She and her young man. Tina and her husband.

Must I speak English to him? We want to go for a week, to Switzerland.

Angličtina nejen pro samouky : Ludmila Kollmannova :

I prepare my breakfast every night. I like autumn very much. Let me introduce my pfo colleague to you. Are your brothers in England now? You have got your magazines in the hall now. How many people do you know who go on Sundays to the mountains? I think he has. We and our two daughters. You and your husband.


The map is not in your desk. Of course, he can. Mr Smith always drives us to school in his car. Mr and Mrs Lee and their son. Put your feet on the desk.

Angličtina nejen pro samouky – Teach Yourself English + CD

You and your pupils. Peter is usually in a hurry. Katrin and her friend. Mary speaks English very well. Tom gave me a letter to post. David and his wife. This anblictina is very valuable, you …… must look after it very carefully.

Liz naglictina got the cassettes in her room. I and my job. Both girls always prepare their lessons well. May we have a look at it?

John does his homework right after the lesson. Have you got a diary? He closes the door quietly.

Angličtina nejen pro samouky – Ludmila Kollmannová – Google Books

Can Peter come with us? I clean the house and also cook the dinner. I never eat fruit before breakfast. Those tourists over there probably are American.


They and their families. I — very much — autumn — like I like autumn very much. They always speak very sensibly at meetings. Two students and their teacher. Point at the teacher. You and your brother always do their homework together. The trees always lose their leaves at that time of the year. Ann drives her car to work every day. We and our neighbours. I — very much — autumn — like. She seldom cries during the night. The train arrived this morninglate.

We both enjoy our English classes very much.