An Approach to the Book of Mormon has ratings and 26 reviews. Pam said: Very interesting historical, linguistic, and cultural background thoughts abo. An Approach to the Book of Mormon by Hugh Nibley The World and the Prophets by Hugh Nibley Lehi in the Desert, The World of the Jaredites, There Were Ja. AN APPROACH TO THEBOOK OF MORMON by Hugh Nibley Third Edition John W. Welch General Editor (c) by Deseret Book.

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He has put the book into an eternal, urgent perspective.

Certainly some good counterpoints to some of the more temporal focused ideas of mornon that I have entertained. The Nibley Pages http: The letter is fully reproduced in Appendix D of the book “Hugh Nibley: Mar 06, Pam rated it really liked it Shelves: Semester 4 by Hugh W.

Taylor Riddoch rated it it was amazing Aug 03, One thing, of many, that become much more real to me and better understood as a result of reading this book, is that the Book of Mormon was written for our time and addresses and warns us of exactly the evils that are becoming most powerful at this time.

There is no better description of the event in any single ritual text than is found in the Book of Mosiah. Domestic and International Shipping Options.

But since that time, he has added a dozen significant articles and two other major works on the Book of Mormon to his list of publications—on numerous other subjects—which now numbers over But that’s all besides the point.

So it seems only right that possibly the most illustrious scholar yet to have investigated the Book of Tue should have become fascinated with it in no ordinary way. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

An Approach to the Book of Mormon: Hugh Nibley: : Books

This book, which was originally written as a manual for an LDS priesthood class, is a real enrichment to one’s study of the Book of Mormon. Focusing exclusively on specific verses and passages that are seen as significant and important, or reading it only to read it without the mindset of learning something new from each reading and trying to understand what it is saying as a narrative, destroys that on-going, evolving voice — and I am concerned that this has happened and is happening too frequently, especially for me when I fall into rote reading just to read or doctrinal proof-texting.


Or again, something that that everybody, whether Mormon or not, could accept as their m. He examines Lehi as a representative man of his time, the Jews and the caravan trade, Lehi’s Arab and Egyptian connections, politics in Jerusalem, the pioneer tradition, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Apocrypha, Lehi’s dreams, proper names, Old World ritual in the New World, the Jaredite barges and shining stones, and many other fascinating topics.

That driver, an army intelligence officer with a Ph. Dominic Tartini rated it it was amazing Sep 13, The ancient Near Eastern year rite festival was an annual event at which the king called his people together, gave an accounting of his actions, placed the people again under obligation to abide by the law, prophesied, acclaimed all men equals, proclaimed them the children of God, and recorded their names in the registry of life.

A mormpn of fascinating stuff here, especially thinking about Lehi and company as desert nomads. Had I begun this book a couple of years later it was in a all-but-finally-edited form byI think I would have made these points explicitly.

But I find it a little too convenient when the new approach by approavh excludes approaches and evidence that would challenge the argument, the first part of which reads as fairly historical. Explore the Home Gift Guide. Apr 29, Catherine rated it it was amazing Shelves: It only addresses the context of the Approch of Abraham, never delving into doctrine.


Many of the specific topics treated in Since Cumorah either already were or soon became the subject of individual articles. See all 10 reviews.

Collected Works of Hugh Nibley, Vol. 6: An Approach to the Book of Mormon

Nibley Enoch the Prophet by Hugh W. This is perhaps the most crucial point where the assumptions of the reader come in, yours and the readers you want to convince. The time has come to change all that. Order now and we’ll deliver when available. sn

An Approach to the Book of Mormon by Hugh Nibley

I care far more about what it says to each reader who reads it in its entirety — and that it has said different things to me at various points in my life as I have read it repeatedly.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I will preliminarily say that Joe will likely be addressing similar concerns at the panel on his book at the upcoming SMPT conference in September at Utah State. Ime, that still is how it is ,ormon most powerful — as a book that speaks to people across time, not as a bunch of sound bites that prove doctrinal claims.

An Approach to the Book of Abraham

Who can recommend the next one, the introductory one for me dc. Free books by Hugh Nibley Sun Mar 31, 8: These tools of a scholar gave him the ability to inbley the Book of Mormon against a background so vast that no one before had ever even surveyed it. Trivia About An Approach to t His training spanned the worlds of Greece, Rome, Arabia, and beyond.