of miles on the west by the isolated Brahui of Baluchistan, numerically the most important is the Andhra or Telugu, spoken by about twenty millions. The origin of . Amarakosha of Amara Simha (Telugu), (Size: 22x cm) ISBN Yr. of Pub Hard Bound Telugu Asian Educational. Amarakosa, Amarasinha’s Sanskrit thesaurus well-known to every .. Amarakosa with Telugu, English translation is available at Digital Library.

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It is really amazing that you have Amaram in Unicode. Orders Wish list Track my order s. Some sources indicate that he belonged to the period of Vikramaditya of 7th century.

Amarakosha – Wikipedia

Amarakosa in English would be available in almost amara,osa bookshops. The best strategy seems to be go through Devdutt tiwari hindi edition of Amarkosha https: The fifth and sixth verses give various names of Gautama Buddha.

Are there English translation of commentaries on Amarakosha? A great way to start exploring Samskrit.

Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter. I checked the mlbd link in your comment.


Namaskaram, I want to learn samaskridham. Critical Website Maintenance Website Changes.

Namalinganu Shasanamu-Amara Kosha of Amara Simha (Telugu) by T Tevapperumallaiah

Request call within India. But Acrobat is not very good with Unicode It actually sucks, if you pardon my languageusually all text information is lost. So, there is no need for me maarakosa send you this book.

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Amara Kosa – the Sanskrit Thesaurus with notes & index

Some audio files of Amarakosa are available at http: The fact that it has been commented upon by Buddhists like Subhutichandra, by Jainas like Asadharapandita and Nachiraja,and by Brahmans like Kshirasvamin, Mallinatha and Appayyadikshita testifies to its usefulness to every class of Sanskrit students.

Please keep up the great work. I would like to have a Malayalam version of a Mar kosam. I understand that there is a book that explains the genders of nouns.

Appreciate if you can let me know the existence of translation of commentaries on amarakoasa in English, Hindi,…. It is essential for operating an online store.

Anarakosa is very useful. While it is there, we know that we can contact you by email regarding that topic. Arjun, I checked the mlbd link in your comment. This article needs additional citations for verification.


It is the oldest extant kosha. There are some works dealing only with this subject like Linganusaana by Panini, Durgasimha, Vamana, Harshavarddhana, et al.

I want to buy Amarkosh,please suggest me reliable writer or publication.

But still that is no good for copy pasting or seeing it in other scripts like Telugu or Kannada. Skip to primary content.

amarakosha related Sanskrit Documents in Telugu script

I would like to buy Amarakosam in Malayalam or English version. Phanikumar, You amarakoosa download Amarakoksa with Telugu translation from https: Sir I have studied Sanskrit from 5th standard to 10 th standard in my school in Kerala.

The first verse Kshemankaroristatathi Shivathathi Shivamkara gives the Nanarthas of the word Shubakara or propitious as Kshemankara, Aristathathi, Shivathathi and Shivamkara. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.