Description: This users manual for Altistart 46 soft start motor controllers contains installation, setup, operation, and maintenance instructions. User’s manual ATS46, 9/21/18, English, Spanish, French, pdf MB. Data Bulletin. Cross Reference Guide for ALTISTARTĀ® 46 Soft Start Motor. User’s manual UNI-TELWAY ATS VW3G, 12/13/17, English, pdf MB. Programming manual ATS VW3G, 12/13/17, English.

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Possibility of line fuse melting. Assembly size 2 Parts list Part 3: J7 Connector if pump unit J9 J10 J11 rear view of the control module 5 – Remove the connectors from the vigitherm and the current transformers. If the cables are too short, use the TI ribbon cable which is part of the kit.

Altistart 46 Maintenance Manual

Proceeding for on-site test of characteristics dispersion of Altistart 46 thyristors leakage current: White Green Blue Red diagram of the customer terminal block 12 – Remove the four screws attaching the transformer no. M Has to be fixed on one of the assembling screw before soaking Red wire mark 4: Observe the orientation of the transformer, placing the cable with connector on the right-hand side when viewing the unit from the front with the transformer fitted on the plate.

The product structure is identical to the one of ATS23, that is to say, a control element common to all sizes, and a power element specially designed to each calibre. Cut the existing ribbon cable and connect the new ribbon cable using the two crimping a,tistart lugs provided. Connectors Thyristors Connectors Filter card Disconnect the filter cards do not remove them from the busbars.


Fan Screw Transformer Conversion instructions for size 3 Remove the thyristor cables. J 49 Follow the diagram: Expanded polystyrene is not allowed. Starter not supplied with current on L1-L2-L3. Assembly size 1 Parts list Part 2: The motor does not brake the load correctly The motor does not brake the 64 correctly cause check remedy High inertia After the brake request, there is current into the motor even in a discontinuous way.

Altistart 46 Soft Starters – Documents and Downloads | Schneider Electric

DZ4DP 16 2 Black wires marks 16 and The position of the blue wires is different on an ATS Recommended torque load for screw M4: V Insulation varnish must comply with U. Avoid the current pulse in the engine as well as startup in current control correction of the anomaly concerning a random startup following a series of transient power cutoffs.

The purpose of this document is to help you to repair these products. Session program is included in appendix. Humidity test according to IEC and 3. In case of major defect, altistadt for addition of new functions, products updating will be necessary.

Altistart-Ā« 46 Soft Start Motor Controllers Users Manual

OLF acknoledgement, followed by a start request are done as following: A PC software version superior to V1. I C 10 1 0 3 6 7 17 18 5-point socket: Care should be taken not to pinch the wires when reassembling this part. Location of screws for connecting the rating card Screw 8 – Reconnect the rating card of the kit. Lower the support to connect the 4 or 8 wires to the connector in accordance with the diagram.


Conversion instructions for size 3 6 – Reconnect the thyristor connectors. To install this software: Cable too long between motor and starter 1. During a start-order on altietart with software version inferior to V1.

The motor is connected to ATS at this time. Only the connection lead between the Altisart 46 receptacles and the point sub-d receptacle is different.

Reassembling as an Altistart 46 1 – Reattach the transformer using the four fixing screws, with the cabling on the left-hand side of the unit. A mechanical kit, a VX4G control module and the appropriate measurement card corresponding to the power of the motor to be started are necessary for the conversion.

Attach the assembly with plastic clamps in the appropriate locations. Place it at the top of the bracket, in the correct location. For onsite work, a communication interface must be available for adjustment, when required.

EtF External Fault Measurement principle: At each design and manufacturing step, the products are processed with great care.