I used one of these years ago when I did live shows, I am a sound man. It worked great then and it works great now. Very easy to tweak the effect you want and. Multi-Effects unit. This is the original and not the remake model. From the Alesis manual:Born from the original Alesis MICROVERB and MICROVERB II, the. They said it couldn’t be done – yet Alesis’ Microverb III incorporates improvements over its predecessors while retaining its “budget” status. WHEN YOU THINK.

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And it’s so intuitive: This new technology allowed any artist or musician to record studio quality recordings.

Under his leadership, the company has ventured to produce the world’s most affordable analog mixers with integrated digital signal processing award-winning multi-series mixersa full line of advanced but affordable electronic drum products USB kit Pro, DM5 Pro Kit, SURGE Cymbals, Performance Padas well as highly innovative and adaptable interfaces and audio controllers MasterControl.

There are still ringy and woolly reverb sounds around: Aleais, both need to offer some technological improvement over previous models and over their nearest rivals – but make your entry-level unit jicroverb good and you’re left with a problem as to what to include microvsrb units higher up the ladder. Please include your email address if you want to be contacted regarding your note. Perhaps we’re on the verge of a new era in technology. That said, you do need to consult the manual fairly regularly when you’re trying to remember the micorverb settings for each position of the switch on the right of the unit – this sort of information would be included in the LCD on more expensive models.

User Reviews for Alesis Microverb III at Harmony Central

With to wade through, however, I’m sure I’ll be forgiven for not offering a blow-by-blow account of individual effects. It takes more than just designing, manufacturing and selling digital, analo.

The rear panel socket complement, as you might expect on a non-MIDI instrument, is fairly basic. InAlesis was acquired by Jack O’Donnell, and since then the company has never alfsis more solutions and value to musicians than ever before. Both have to provide value for money – but this is usually much easier for the public to identify in budget equipment.


If you’re enjoying the site, please consider supporting me to help build this aalesis To this extent, the absence of MIDI clearly represents no drawback at all.

Alesis Microverb III 16 Bit Digital Reverb and Delay

The experiences can vary. The Microverb’s tri-colour LED isn’t exactly the last word in signal monitoring, but it does its job.

Happily, you soon begin to remember the settings with a little use. And with more and more models competing for whatever gaps are still left in the market, the pressure on manufacturers has grown in intensity and the need to come up with a best-selling design has taken on a new urgency. And this can be a little restrictive – particularly when working with other musicians “could we slow down by about 3bpm, chaps, my delay unit’s out of sync?

Notify me when available. A pair of audio input jacks the left doubling as a mono ina pair of output jacks, a Defeat bypass jack for the connection of footswitch and a power socket for a 9v AC adaptor – and that’s it. Before getting to grips with the Microverb III’s sonic capabilities, I should just mention a few of its physical attributes.

Previous Article in this issue Patchwork. Alesis’s mesh battery heads have an accurate tuning knob so drummers can adjust their heads to provide the exact answer that best suits their playing style. It might have been useful to have a list screened on the top panel of the Microverb although this is of little use once installed in a rack. But what about systems in which the Microverb III would be called on to provide the sole source of effects?

The days of a reverb unit having a particular quality of sound are thankfully at an end. However, the sheer number of programs has meant that some rather interesting reverb and delay effects have also found their way in and really do make this a fascinating machine to work with.

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Following on the heels of the Midiverb, Alesis progressed into studio quality drum machines HR and SR as well as synthesizers, studio monitors and mixing consoles. Just turn the knob marked High EQ. It takes unforgettable musical experiences. One-third rack size cases which were home to the first two Microverbs were not only a pain to accommodate, but always seemed to carry the stigma of “non-professional” equipment with them.


For the most part, I found the effects comparable to those on units costing two and three times as much though of course, on the Micoverb, they are only available individually.

These include reverb programs, 96 delay programs, and 16 special effects programs, as well as high and low frequency equalization. While our products range from keyboards, synthesizers, hard disk recorders, iPod recording and playback devices, electronic drums, mixers, signal processors, effects units, amplifiers and speakers one thing remains consistent; alesie passion for inspiring musical creativity and innovation through new technology.

It’s micrpverb to give you ulcers Be the first to write your review!

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. You can use this input to load your own. Miicroverb Unit by Nigel Lord.

Joking aside, to be confronted with a piece of equipment which features individual controls for each of its parameters is most welcome in this day and age. Microverb III delivers impressive power to the recording efforts of all engineers, from 4 home studio tracks to world-class recording facilities. So, provided there is a suitable point at which to do so in the song, you could always switch in a different reverb or delay program by hand.

As of now the answer is stereo programs including delay, multitap and other effects, individual low- and high-frequency EQ, a standard 1U-high rackmount box and a price which will still leave you with change from two hundred small round bronze ones. It has an 8 “bass drum, a 12” two-zone snare drum, two 8 “dual-zone toms and a 10” double zone tom tom, with a 12 “hi-hat with pedal, two 12 “and 14” triple-zone crashes A high-quality, fast-locking 4-post chrome bracket with a separate dual-caliper snare bracket keeps it securely anchored at all levels of difficulty!