atau cadangan yang berhubungan dengan peruntukan itu; (ba) peruntukan Akta Perkhidmatan Pembetungan ; 38 (bb) laporan cadangan pemajuan;. Akta Bekalan Elektrik (Akta ). • Akta Perkhidmatan Pembentungan (Akta ). 6. Housing. • Akta Standard Minimum Perumahan dan Kemudahan. Jabatan Perkhidmatan Pembentungan (Sewerage Services Department) Ministry of Akta Perkhidmatan Pembetungan (Act ) Act Suruhanjaya.

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Part III consist section 29 until 44 clarify the obligation given towards the license holder. For the application of the individual and class license and the process taken to renew the license will be taking an amount of time. Also, to assure that the delivery of public water supply and sewage services at a fair price is efficient, transparent and reliable. As for the water supply services, it cover for the Peninsular Malaysia and Labuan without Kelantan because the public prefer to use available groundwater compared to piped water is Thus a relevant guideline revised and issued.


To form one sewage and water supply service structure that is permeable and solid in order to provide an effective and efficient service to the users. The importance water management can be mentioned 1993 it crucial in reforming and controlling the regulation and use of water resources for the public, and industrial used.

To preserve the available water catchment area and the available natural water bodies and reservoirs. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions.

Akta Kerajaan Tempatan 1976 – Akta 171

To advise Minister generally on matters relating to water supply services and sewerage services. Furthermore, Irrigation efficiency indicates how efficiently the available water supply of being used; depend on the design of irrigation system, the degree of land preparation, and the skill and care of the irrigator For the existence of SPAN, it being implement on the coordination of the Water Department in each and every state within Malaysia, which means that it responsible in avoiding every system in the Water Department to be colliding with each other and also to collide with the other Government Department as well.

Drinking Water Quality Problems and Solutions 2nd edition. This is because, the community in a nation is a developer and consumer, hence the polluter, which is eventually became the social cause of pollution for the water system. Part XII consist section until stating regarding general appropriation. The weak and fragile legislative system will affecting the SPAN al well, and it is concerning the responsibility, reliability and trust on an organization in managing water resources.


The politics of water is one of the sub-topics for the water management which involves the management and politically contested water resources use3. Cancel Forgot your password? Some features of WorldCat will not be available.

Commitment towards efficiency means that the source will be in an optimize condition and use wisely. The two blue wave representing safe and clean of water supply and the exertion of treated sewage waste product. To allow healthy competition for the tendency of the economic growth and efficiency in the water supply service industry and sewage services.

Sewerage — Law and legislation — Malaysia. The Journal of Environmental Sciences Sept. Linked Data More info about Linked Data. Your rating has been recorded.

;erkhidmatan IV which consist of section 20 until 26 which focusing on the staff of Commission including the appropriation for the election and the term and condition for the service for the staff also allowing Commission to accept and use the regulation and rules given out by the State Government regarding any issue that related to the Commission staff.

Sewerage Services ActAct To advise the Minister on a fair and efficient mechanism for the determination of tariffs that is fair to both consumers and licensees and to implement tariffs that have been establish through appropriate mechanism and tools. The reduction in revenue was largely contributed by a reduction in the commercial sector revenue and government subsidy.

There is several function of the SPAN 4; 1. Other than that, there is a serious case happen when pebmentungan oil tank lorry got an accident causing the clean water source affected.

As the result, the issuance of individual licenses and facility license to PAAB, which approval of class licenses, and 4, permits approved and issued The averaged realized tariff in was RM1. According to the Executive Director, Mohd. There is two types of license individual license and class license; individual license are given by the Ministry under the Commission advice.


Monitor the safe atmosphere and the security of the water services and sewage services. Part VI which consist section 84 until 90 stating about rate, charge, and deposit. SPAN also create the rules and regulation pembenntungan term of license and permit, terms and regulation on the election of the accountant agency and establishment of Water Forum.

Akta Kerajaan Tempatan – Akta | PDF Flipbook

These three dimensional aspect is the fundamentals aspect to be used as the measurement for the effectiveness perkhidmaatn SPAN. Each and every new tariff that will be implemented, it will be consulate publicly through the Water Forum, and then the feedback will be submitted back for the SPAN consideration. Click here to pembebtungan up. However, any subsidiary laws that made under the Act, which is consistent with the IPA Act still be ongoing until it been terminated or replaced with other subsidiary laws which legislate under the IPA Act.

Without human resources, a company is useless. To form a monitoring and regulation atmosphere which allow the financial capability state in solid form between the water service industries and the sewage services for a long period of ;embentungan.

The development psmbentungan the infrastructure is based on the requirement, value creation and cost effectiveness. Akta Perkhidmatan PembetunganAkta Part VI consist of section 38 until 44, which consist general appropriation such as stating the members, staffs, and agent of Commission as the general service staff and give Commission an authority to elect technical adviser service and other consultant.

Zkta also remarks the beginning of the road towards success for SPAN in increasing the water service industry and the sewage system. The Project Plan has been approve on 16 Decembermeanwhile for the approval of pembentungsn design are approve on 10 February Part II which include section 3 until 4 are regarding the establishment of Commission and give the authority to the Commission to establish department in helping the Commission.

Since the service reservoirs usually face a problem in giving a considerable amount of water for the community to use.