AKTA DADAH BERBAHAYA TUJUAN AKTA Suatu akta bagi membuat Akta Penagih Dadah (Rawatan & Pemulihan) (Pindaan) digubal. Akta AkTA AngkATAn TenTerA. Mengandungi segala pindaan hingga Januari diTerbiTkAn . Penerbangan, dsb., yang berbahaya. AktA Prosiding selanjutnya mengenai pertuduhan terhadap pegawai bertauliah. Diperkenalkan pada tahun Diwartakan sebagai akta secara rasmi pada tahun Akta dadah berbahaya (pindaan ) adalah.

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The Sexual Offences Against Children Act comprehensively covers all aspects including corroboration of evidence for child victims and setting up a special court for child sexual offences nationwide.

Lee was responding to a report in The Star that lawyers and human rights groups had called for all pending executions to be put on hold while the decision by the Government to review the death penalty for drug trafficking was being deliberated.

So we cautiously welcome the announcement. The social stigma that surrounds drug addiction in Malay- sia is no less different, perhaps even exacerbated, with the country having some of the most draconian drug laws in the world. We are far from winning this war against drugs, and there is much to do even after decades of fighting.


He also called for similar changes to other laws that provide for mandatory death sentences. Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Akga Azalina Othman Said berkata kementerian dan agensi berwajib akan menyediakan satu memorandum untuk persetujuan jemaah menteri.

Akta Dadah Berbahaya dan Peraturan-peraturannya | Program Perkhidmatan Farmasi

Pinadan, he said, must 19998 given the discretion to mete out suitable sentences on a case by case basis, especially for drug mules. He also called on the Government to decide whether a moratorium should be imposed on pending cases so as to ensure justice for those facing such charges. The DDA was amended by Dewan Rakyat last week to remove the mandatory death penalty, handing discretion to judges when sentencing drug traffickers, but which implored the judiciary to consider mitigating factors when doing so.

Parliament enacted a new law to protect children from being subjected to sexual abuses physically and online.

Dangerous Drugs Act 1952

The Government should consider whether its review of the mandatory death penalty for drug trafficking should include making it retrospective on pending cases, said social activist Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye pic. He said the right thing to do now pindan to hold off all hangings until the amendments are passed.


The law received wide support aktq lawmakers from both political divides, civil societies, human rights activists and the public. Kabinet sebulat suara bersetuju untuk membenarkan para hakim mengenakan hukuman yang sesuai ke atas pengedar dadah dan bukan hukuman mati melalui satu pindaan kepada Seksyen 39B Akta Dadah Berbahaya Decriminalising some drugs can save recourses by reducing incarcerations.

Malaysia made some milestone decisions in law this year in protecting the rights of children and ensuring innocent people are not sent to the gallows. Despite our zero-tolerance approach, we still find ourselves grappling with drug abuse, having no success in controlling the supply and demand of illicit drugs.