July | Press releases. Finisar places repeat order for AIXTRON G4 system. Our background − our History. Learn more about AIXTRON’s founders and the. AIX G5+ C. “State-of-the-art Planetary reactor module increases productivity.

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Precision, diligence, and attention to detail are the top priorities at AIXTRON, ensuring that our customers receive optimum system and service quality they can rely on. Take the crucial step in your career now — become part of an international company leading the market with hightech-systems for the semiconductor industries and pioneering important future technologies.

Show all adresses new window. The reactors can accommodate substrates from 2 aitron 8 inches mm.

In ajxtron, our Service Centers are available for technical assistance during regular local business hours worldwide, thereby offering you and your company integrated support. These include smartphones and wireless infrastructure; Wi-Fi, base stations and satellite communications; optical communications; optical storage; printing; aixfron images; medical technologies; automotive and aerospace technologies; and a variety of silicon-based systems and high-efficiency concentrator photovoltaic CPV solar cells.

Selecting the winning articles was a tough task as most of them have proposed unique perspectives on how to solve the mass transfer issue of Micro LED or improve their yield rate.

We are shaping the future. With innovation and precision.

Besides our head office in Herzogenrath near Aachen and our US office in Sunnyvale, we offer reliable support through our branch locations in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other service centers. Felix Grawert 41 as a new member of the Executive Board. Details Retrofit 8×6″ 14×4″ 56×2″. Shaping the future requires a spirit of innovation.

GaN power devices are used for applications such as efficient power supplies for PC and servers or LiDAR and wireless power transfer requiring high-speed switching. Such 3D structures enable the growth of Micro LEDs while maintaining the reliability of an inorganic material system.


This ensures the sharpest transitions between different materials and incomparable control of the deposition rates in the area of individual atomic layers – up to 1 nanometer thin. We can also produce customer-specific spare parts upon request. With innovation and precision. We offer expert installation, thereby ensuring that you can resume production after only a short delay.

Applying this methodology, the deposition of thin films takes place by means of chemical reactions, in which the wafers are exposed to a gas mixture that reacts on the wafer surface. To the job offers. That allows you to respond flexibly to new market requirements, and to redefine corporate objectives. We are passionate about research and development — with attention to detail, and an understanding of the essentials.

We are shaping the future.

AIXTRON Press Information & Releases :: AIXTRON

The group focuses on the commercialization of Micro-LED products based on their proprietary defect-free GaN nanowires technology. Technical managers Process engineers Maintenance and service personnel System users Improve your: Whether you need basic orientation training for your facility systems as part of standardized training, or require specialized training tailored to your company, our programs are geared to your specifications and thereby ensure the long-term production capacity of your systems.

The company attempts to develop Micro LED displays of larger sizes and anticipates to roll out its innovations in at the earliest. We deliver the required components aixrton and reliably.

As market demand for high-quality optoelectronic semiconductors is increasing due to the continually growing number of applications in the illumination, sensing and visualization sectors including automotive, communication, display, health and food, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is expanding production capacities, e. By upgrading to the next system-type or to new technical specifications, you extend your return on investment.

Details Aixttron 8×6″ 14×3″ 15×4″ 60×2″. The tool is scheduled for delivery in the first half of We deliver the required components quickly and reliably – worldwide.



Details Retrofit 10xmm 6xmm. All systems will be delivered in the course of the year. You will be engaged with highly innovative products that drive a continuing course for growth.

AIXNYa major provider of deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry, announced its financial results for the first quarter Our high standards in research and product quality are reflected in our excellent customer services.

Grawert aixtronn assume the position on October 1, or earlier. As Micro LED chips are extremely small, the quality of epitaxy wafers including wavelength uniformity and low defect becomes critical for further production process.

The system has been put into operation in the fourth quarter IQE is a leading global supplier of advanced semiconductor wafers found in many consumer, communications, computer and industrial applications. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and we look forward to hearing from you.

Customer Service “Our top objective is long-term collaboration with our customers. Be it for light-emitting diodes, solar cells, laser, flat screens or memory chips: Your satisfaction is our top priority. Some homeowners, commercial systems managers and outdoor lighting management companies have looked warily at smart lighting, in light of its being seen as a major departure from xixtron was required for lighting control in the past.

Andras Kis and Prof. We specialize in cutting-edge technologies pertaining to the deposition of materials. References IQE plc IQE is a leading global supplier of advanced semiconductor wafers found in many consumer, communications, computer and industrial applications.