Again, we appreciate your selection of an Airtronics Radio Control System and wish you many hours of flying enjoyment. RD Transmitter Specifications. AIRTRONICS. RD Radio System. Operating Manual. INTIMES no! Airplane Thank you for selecting the Airtronic RD Radio System. In deigning the. download airtronics rd manual. I need a owners manual for an Airtronics RD radio (not the super).. I found one here, but it’s $

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At this point Model 3 data is still intact, so if you wish to change the destination for the copied data, do so before proceeding. Any other modifications made to the transmitter other than adjusting stick tension will void any and all warranties covered be Airtronics Inc. The 1 and 3 screws adjust the tension for the vertical motion of each stick. The gain of the gyro can therefor be adjusted for all of the four Flight Modes.

The screen tells you the present rate status and the flight mode that you have selected. Switches labeled with red lettering are for aircraft and white lettering is used for helicopter. Estimated on or before Wed. Ailerons go up when flaps go down. When the airborne battery is at this point, the throttle servo will move to a low throttle position for one second, and then return to normal. With these servos, mechanical adjustment is the only method available to ensure proper operation of the retracts.

After hooking up your controls and mechanically centering all linkages to the approximate positions, press the FUNCTION down key to arrive at the following screen for the Elevator control. CPY Copy Copy one model to another. This is a valuable option as most sailplanes will need a change in pitch trim when ever flaps are deployed.


In the following example, I will use C-Mix 1 to mix Rudder to Elevator as maybe needed for knife edge flight. If set to zero, you do not have any Trim capability. The purpose of a Compensation Mixer is to allow one transmitter control input to affect two flight functions. airrtronics

Got it, continue to print. This will keep the centering of the servos correct. Add to watch list. Options On or Off. Read more about the condition.

This equipment has been tested in accordance with the requirements contained in the appropriate Commission regulations. When the Swash Mode airtdonics selected, the outputs of the Elevator, Aileron and Pitch servos are mixed to control the pitch of the helicopters main rotor. However, the throttle channel is an exception to the rule.

This causes the plane to fly very slowly and descend gently. The following will be on how to change flight mode 1 and 2 switch locations.

All servos must operate in the same direction, centering, end points, and other settings such as type of Modulation must be identical. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. We urge you to examine the benefits of membership, including liability protection in the event of certain injuries.


To the best of our knowledge, these tests were performed using measurement procedures consistent with industry or Commission standards and demonstrate that the equipment complies with the appropriate standards. A common use would be in knife edge flight where you need a small correction in aileron to prevent roll coupleing.


As shown on screen below airrtronics indicate the model type has been changed to AERO from model 2.

Will be displayed on the LCD screen until you place the Throttle stick in the full-low position. Used for flying wings.


This function is most commonly used for aerobatic models where deploying flaps or flaperonswith elevator control can make for tighter corners on maneuvers rx as the square loop.

This equipment has been tested in accordance with the requirements contained in the appropriate Commission regulations. Some fliers perfer on having flight mode 1 switch on the left top and flight mode 2 on the right top switch.

Basic must be turned OFF before this feature will operate see page The default positions are as indicted.

Sanwa RD6000 manual PDF

Airtronics does NOT recommend the use of any fast or quick chargers. Switch positioned away from you F-Mode 2: Turn on the Master transmitter and the Model.

Note that if the ailerons go up when the Flap switch is activated, change the polarity of the programmed value.

Always make sure that you are aware of the present status of any rate assignments that you have selected! The pitch curve for each flight manua, has five points that can be adjusted to suit your specific needs. The default settings for RV.