Ai No Kusabi The Space Between Volume 1: Stranger (Yaoi Novel): Stranger ( Yaoi Novel) v. 1 by Reiko Yoshihara, Rieko Yoshihara, Reiko Yoshihara from. : 間の楔 Vol 他人 / Ai no Kusabi Vol.1 Tanin Ceres: a city without ethics or taboos, ruled by instincts and lusts. These are the slums—immutable, eternal, . All about Ai No Kusabi The Space Between Volume 1: Stranger (Yaoi Novel) by Reiko Yoshihara. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for.

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The series was then acquired by Tokuma Shoten and a complete edition was published in six volumes under their Chara imprint; the first four are semi-omnibus volumes correspond to Crystal volumes and the final two are the previously unreleased material.

Near Midas is an independent slum area called Ceres. Even when I began to get an idea of the timeline, from comments made by the main characters later on, it wasn’t clear where the opening scene fit in, and while it wasn’t important to the story, it nagged at me. I am really mad, because I had to PAY for this shit! But maybe the fault is in the source material. Did I mention how much I loved this series?


You all wanna go do something? I hope that the series are translated and published again by someone who cares Iason, the leader of the Blondies, encoun In the future, on a distant star lives a new society.

Read the books before you watch the movie. Ai no Kusabi 1. Visit our Help Pages.

Ai no Kusabi Vol. 1: Stranger

I have to say that I love this book and series even though its horribly written. They are sterile and their highly advanced brains are the only organic part of their bodies. Ceres makes up the slums of Midas.

I love this book because its interesting. The intensity of the anime and I hope that xi the same with the book is just overwhelming!

Katze warns Riki if he wants to be free from Iason, he would have to leave Tanagura, but despite that, Riki decides that Bison would strange Kirie’s offer.

Three months later, Riki landed a job as a courier in the black market due to his friend Zack, who arranged a meeting with their boss, Katze.

Ai No Kusabi The Space Between Volume 1: Stranger Yaoi Novel: : Reiko Yoshihara: Books

Though it is only implied, Riki was once the “pet” of a high class blondy called Iason. Iason MinkRiki the Black. I admire Kelly Quine, the translator, for being able to deliver excellent translations for a difficult novel.

So, I’m nl to 2. It was just laughable. One night, Kirie mentions how he is willing to become a pet to the elites to get out of the slums, angering Riki. So, it’s ksabi expensive for the price.


Ai No Kusabi The Space Between Volume 1: Stranger (Yaoi Novel)

This book seem to have a whole lot of words, yet not a whole lot of action. Those with black hair, Mongrels, are forced to live in the slums, Ceres. Kusabo knew who Iason and Riki were and what they meant to each other because from book one, I would have no clue what was going on otherwise.

Trivia About Ai no Kusabi Vol The characters’ feelings are described amazingly. This series is HOT, wonderful, well written, interesting. Tenchi Universe El-Hazard: Jan 11, Teetee rated it liked it Shelves: Thank you very much: Not willing to be indebted to him, Riki offers his body to Iason, only to have the Blondie kidnapped him from his home and forced qi to become his pet.