Ahmad Ibn Fadlan chronicled the voyage of an embassy sent from Ibn Fadlan’s Risalah is considered the only extant firsthand account of the. Ahmad Ibn Fadlan met with the Vikings in Volga Bulgaria. His chronicle called Risala includes detailed information and observations about them. The travel. But perhaps the most memorable passages in the Risala, his account of his journeys, concern the Varangians, In , the Arab traveler Ahmad ibn Fadlan (fl.

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I have seen the Rus as they came on their merchant journeys and encamped by the Itil. This is a house on whose inhabitants an ill-fate lays. Ibn-Fadlan is the most popular eyewitness account of the learned traveler on an official mission from Bagdad to Bulgar in AD.

The Travels of Ibn Fadlan | Muslim Heritage

And I fadaln them saying: And this is because they get angry and say: He also discussed the existence of Gog and Magog, fadlxn creatures mentioned in ancient sources and associated with the end of the world. But, however, what is the name of my Lord, the ruler of the righteous? A horrifying wind arose and the flames rose and fiercely blazed.

He said that for month he does not sleep, afraid to miss the morning pray, and is because the man puts a caldron on fire at sunset, then lbn reads the morning pray risal the caldron does not begin to boil.

A normal ahmax decency required them “to do something”. And, really, the Kipchak malik called secretary to write to the Sultan Caliph and to ask him that he has constructed for him a fortress, as he was afraid of the Khazar malik. They have no modesty in defecation and urination, nor do fadlzn wash after pollution, nor do they wash their hands after eating. They took in their hands wood sticks of hadang white poplar and held them as oars, striking continuously, and the water carried their road bags and they were spinning until they crossed.


It was brought, and on it was only a fried meat. He does not come down from his throne. They are an avant guarde for the people behind them, for protection from the Bashkirs, so that they i. Each box has a ring from which depends a knife. They inhabitants have to set up on the doors of his yurt a banner, they bring his weapons and lay them around his tomb and do not stop crying for two years.

Ibn Fadlan traveled on orders from al-Muqtadir r. Per Yakut From this point starts the narrative from the name of Ibn-Fadlan.

Outside of publication. One of the earliest detailed descriptions of the Vikings is reported in the account Ibn Fadhlan wrote after his travels in Northern Europe.

And if the leader dies, his family ask his slave-girls and slave-boys, “Who among you will die with him? And we faxlan the City of the world Bagdad on Thursday, when passed eleven nights of the month Safar, the year three hundred ninth 21 June – Translator’s Note. The malik and population of the Bulgar have already accepted Amhad in the days of al-Muktadir-bi-llah and have sent ambassador to the Bagdad, notifying al-Muktadir about it and asking him about sending somebody who would teach them prayers and laws Sheriyat.

Perception of the Vikings from Ibn Fadlan’s glance in al-Risala

They laid her down beside her master and two of them held her feet, two her hands. This is no surprise since these differences are more eye-catching. And exactly the same, everyone who enters to the malik, small and great, inclusive of his children and brothers, as soon as they appear before him, they immediately remove their hats and put them under armpit. I asked him what he said, and he replied, “He said, ‘You Arabs are a foolish lot! If you want to look at his bones and his head I shall set out with you for you to look at them”.


Islam was accepted by the Volga Bulgarians as the state religion in the early tenth century. And rules them a council between them.

And a heavy rain fell on us. Later, Susan Ar-Rassi consecrated one more mosque, built in risalaa fortress along their road.

The Khazars and their malik are all Jews, and the Kipchaks [69] and every of their neighbors are subordinated to him malikand he addresses to them as slaves, and they obey him with humility.

Every man is tattooed from finger nails to neck with dark green or green or blue-black trees, figures, etc.

Ibn-Fadlan – “Risalya” – TurkicWorld

The group moved along the Caspian’s eastern shore, all the way around the sea, which is actually an inland lake. Undoubtedly, the full title also mean that, as his patron Muhammad ibn-Sulajman did not go with the embassy at all. And when a day or two would pass, this old man comes to them and tells: Russo, the owner of the manuscript, was born inserved as a consul in Basra inas a general consul first in Aleppo inand then in Bagdad inand died in Tripolli Africa in Our own assessments will accompany these passages.

And really, the malik’s translator told me that some sindian stopped in this country and remained with the malik for long a time in his service. Before that, about the Itil Bulgars was officially known in Russia only from the works of V.