Advanced HeroQuest is a fine old game produced once upon a time by Games Over time, this has resulted in further refinement of house rules from my. There are three parts to Advanced HeroQuest: the miniatures; the rules; & the game We have re-written the rules for clarity, tweaked a few of them for balance. HeroQuest Hero Quest Game System English European information and resource downloads. Manual, Quest Book, Dark Company, Cards, Tiles, Character.

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HeroQuest now contains a new challenge, a new enemy – the Dark Company. Gunz Rod November 20, at 9: The large fold-out booklet will be your ultimate test. The Elf – A member of a proud and ancient race whose fighting is matched only by his magical skills. The Barbarian – A mighty warrior from the Borderlands. Monsters 8 Cards in total. Rulebook 63mb, jpg A sometimes hasty scan of the rulebook, unfortunally the only version I have.

With a few splashes of colour and quite a bit of art, these are suitable for those with access to a cheap colour printer. For ease of reference, we have divided the rules into a number of volumes. This is the Advanced HeroQuest section on my website.

The rule book contains all the core rules that will be referenced by the other booklets. None of this is the least bit official, and I have had no part in the creation of official Games Workshop products. Kevin Smith December 29, at Tremors of the Warp Test What’s to stop a Wizard from casting unlimited spells during Exploration turns? Each game is a unique adventure set in a different underground stronghold.


Ever thought about making a FaceBook group for this or something? On this website visitors will be able to download files, containing unauthorized copyrighted work, owned by Games Workshop.

Advanced Heroquest | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Equipment 14 Cards in total. Unfortunally the only version Mxnual have. Failing that, a number of other suppliers also sell suitable miniatures. Every adventure you complete takes you one step closer to becoming a Hero – a status that few can claim.

The introduction explains what everything is by way of game material, including detailed information on the books. Ball of Flame Courage Fire of Wrath. All theese files will need WinRAR 3 to extract. It seems they have been disabled.

Advanced HeroQuest: Reforged: DOWNLOADS

Dare you take up heroqueest challenge of HeroQuest, and enter the underground realm of Morcar, the Evil Wizard? Contents 35 finely crafted figures from Citadel Miniatures. Without them we are doomed Contents 47 finely crafted figures from Citadel Miniatures. Can these files be downloaded as regular PDF files? Genie Swift Wind Tempest. But beware, for within the shadows await the servants of Morcar. To be used, theese files require an original purchased product by Games Workshop. Looking forward to getting advance hands on this excellent work.

Hey can you email me? Can you survive in the World of Hero Quest and emerge a Champion? Quest Treasure 5 Cards in total. If you print all JPG’s and slam them together heroquesr clips, they will form a real book.


Is there some way of rectifying this matter, because I really would like to look at these elements somehow, and incorporate them into the copy of the game I own.

Watch as they fall prey to your monsters and cunning traps.

Ade Broon October 12, at Luke June 1, at 8: Deadly traps will advanceed the careless and only true champions can survive in the domain of Chaos.

Check out Zenithfleet’s Readme page for information about this card pack. The land has need of heroes, like Rogar and his followers of old. Until that day, here’s my attempt to share material I’ve developed for my own games, for fellow HeroQuesters to make use of.

Ideally they’d need a 1″ – 1. Or will you, like so many before, decend into the darkness never to return.

Deathblow and Advanced Heroquest book

Quick question, do you have any templates for the floor tiles, for us to build our own? These are plain text with minimal greyscale illustrations, excellent for self printing. I can’t hrroquest to gain access to the downloads via dropbox. Anonymous January 28, at 8: There are great treasures to be won, if you can overcome their fell guardians. Gunz Rod November 21, at I can’t find any issue viewing them here – any advance you have an older PDF reader?