Byomkesh Bakshi is a popular Bengali fictional detective created by Sharadindu Unlike other lead characters in detective stories, Byomkesh Bakshi marries, ages, () Adrishyo Trikon a.k.a. The Invisible Triangle; () Khuji Khuji Nari. Adrishya Trikon. Uploaded by. Suvabrata Mitra · Chalana’r Chanda. Uploaded by. Suvabrata Mitra · Loha’r Biscuit. Uploaded by. Suvabrata Mitra ·

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Hindi series Byomkesh Bakshi Season 1 in and Season 2 in So there is no major suspense left. There is a fixed amount of money that will be received by Sunil every month by Reba. From the frame of the spectacles to the curtains on windows; almost everything is very perfect. Sharadindu Bandhopadhay’s most well known character Byomkesh Bakshi first appeared as a character in the ardishya Satyanweshi The Inquisitor.

Byomkesh Bakshi׃ Episode 22 Adrishya Trikon (Full Episode) – video dailymotion

And, while Reba was taking good care of the business and home, and pays money to Sunil regularly; there was no love, affection or attachment between them.

When Byomkesh adrishha seventeen years old, his parents died of tuberculosis. All these questions are better to get answered by watching this episode. He looks aged Byomkesh by all means.

Reviews for Adrishya Trikon Episode of Hindi TV Serial Byomkesh Bakshi

But, if you look at overall aspects, the story is written interestingly here. Ditto, we can say for the wardrobe. Ravindra SinghKumarar Pravin Music: It was a well planned, well executed, clean sweep!

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And yes, you may like to subscribe to our RSS feeds and follow us on various Social networks to get latest updates for the site to land right in your mail box. Basu Chatterji Associate Directors: Byomkesh Bakshi Season 1 in and Season 2 in Your email address will not be published. Jagat kumarPrakash Triion Screenplay: Thus he fashioned a new name for himself and had it inscribed on a brass plate in front of his house.

Ajay PrabhakarH.

Jagat kumarPrakash Kotian. Byomkesh Bakshi is described in Satyanweshi as “a man of twenty-three or twenty-four years of age who looked well educated.

Unlike other lead characters in detective stories, Byomkesh Bakshi marries, ages, contemplates buying a car, etc. The story is set in in the Chinabazar area of Kolkata where a ‘non government detective’ Byomkesh Bakshi, owing to the permission from the police commissioner, starts living in a mess storg that area under the pseudonym of Atul Chandra Mitra to probe a series of murders.

Sunil was definitely upset with the arrangement. He passes time doing wandering, playing cards and doing some other stuff.

While watching the episode, in the beginning itself, the audience shory to know that a murder has happened. And they came to a conclusion that the only way to get the criminal punished is to get the confession from him.


While Salim overplayed at some places, Shakti underplayed nicely.

And, as Byomkesh is the truth seeker, his main aim is to uncover the truth, and then, get the criminal captured and represented to the respected authorities. He talks about a death, which he knows that, is a well-planned murder. While Inspector Ramani is telling the series of incidents, like Byomkesh the audience also find it interesting to explore. Let us start with the story. ChhabraPramod PurandareMake Up: Basu Chatterji knows his job well, and he is in command.

Adridhya Bengal football team. As there are no evidence against him! trkkon

Adrishya Trikon

In terms of acting, Rajit Kapoor is first rate. Good acting, realistic characters and authentic wardrobe and locales make it simple yet effective.

And when you have such a lifestyle, there come other bad habits too. Despite knowing the facts about the incident, it keeps the viewer glued. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Xavier’s Collegiate School St. Later, they decide to buy land in Keyatala in South Kolkata and shift to their new home.