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The ACI Code ACI for modifications of some of the detailing;. (vi) The China Code GB in some respects of detailing. Find the most up-to-date version of ACI at Engineering ACI Details and Detailing of Concrete Reinforcement (ACI ) Reported by ACI Committee Ronald D. Flach Chairman Michael.

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For seismic design, member sizes should be selected and reinforcing steel arranged to avoid congestion of the reinforcement. The project specifications or subcontract agreements should be written clearly to cover the supply of spacers or field tying of the spiral reinforcement.

The placer uses size, spacing, splices, and location of the coated and uncoat- the combination drawing to place the reinforcing bars.

Tie aic shown may accomodate additional single bars between tied 4. The detailer must also include Any system of letters and numerals is acceptable.

SP-066(04): ACI Detailing Manual-2004

Column verticals in round consideration given to the tangent end. This label number, indicating the designated bars, is shown clearly ac the drawing and is also written on the input sheet along with other pertinent data, such as bar size and spacing. The minimum bend diameter of hooks shall meet the foregoing provisions.

Plain or bars should be used. Selection of the type of spacer traditionally has been the responsibility of the contractor. Method of splicing shall always be defined clearly, showing arrangement of splices, type lap, mechanical or weldedlength if lap spliceand stagger.


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University of South Australia Library. Preassembly is preferred only for the common designs employing one-story-length vertical bars all lap spliced at or near one point above the floor line.

Section 1 defines responsibilities for architects, engineers, and detailers and establishes standards of practice for both structural and placing drawings. Dowel erection details are required for any design All sections should be kept as 2.

LeJeune Road centroid of tension reinforcement, in. To develop this ductility, concrete in these members, including the joints, shall be confined by transverse reinforcement consisting of rectangular or circular hoops see Fig.

The placer uses the combination drawing to place 3315-80 reinforcing bars. They take the place of a drawing, such as a beam elevation, and must clearly indicate to the placer exactly acl and how all the material listed is to be placed. The reinforcing bar placing drawings need only show, and the fabricator will only be responsible to supply, those side form spacers that are equal to the standard bar supports referred to in Section 5.

Heavy bending—Bar sizes No. Reinforcing bars projecting into the element must be identified if they are to be coated. A previous calculation approach, 3155-80 ACI M also remains acceptable. If the structural drawings require lateral reinforcement in the column between 3158-0 top of the main spiral and the floor level above, it should be provided by a stub spiral short section of spiral or by circular column ties.

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In the past, during the course of developing placing drawings, 1. The contractor should not have to compute any needed dimensions. Bars must be securely supported to prevent displacement suring concreting. ACI M steel, cut-off points, and length and location of splices to sat- provisions regulate the size and spacing of the hoops.

ACI Detailing Manual – Including: Details and Detailing of Concrete – Google Books

The tables use the terminology Cases 1 and 2. Shearing to special tolerances; 8. Replacement reinforcing steel or The vertical and horizontal reinforcement shall be placed additional reinforcement to correct oversights may not be in at least two curtains if the in-plane factored shear force ex- readily available.

Coupling sleeve—Nonthreaded device fitting over the ends of two reinforcing bars for the eventual purpose of providing transfer of either axial compression or axial tension or both from one bar to the other. Adequate supports are necessary to prevent displacement during construction and to keep the reinforcing steel at a proper distance from the forms.

Stirrups shall be provided for a minimum length of twice the member depth from the support at an initial spacing of 2 in.