Linas-Marcoussis Agreement. 1. At the invitation of the President of the French Republic, a Round Table of the Ivorian political forces met in Linas-Marcoussis. The First Ivorian Civil War was a conflict in the Ivory Coast that began in Although most of . In , various challenges to the Linas-Marcoussis Accord occurred. Violent flare-ups and political deadlock in the spring and summer led to . H □ fl Economic Dimensions of Peace Accords in West Africa. 29 mmm of peace . Linas-Marcoussis Peace Agreement and, subsequently, the Ouagadou.

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A UN report of 3 May estimated at least dead, and implicated highly placed government officials. Retrieved 16 October Retrieved 14 October The government said he had died leading a coup attempt, and state television showed pictures of his body in the street. From 15 to 26 Januarythe various linaw met at Linas – Marcoussis in France to attempt to negotiate a return to peace. The government of national reconciliation, initially composed of 44 members, was reduced to 15 after the dismissal of three ministers, among them Guillaume Soropolitical head of the rebels, on 6 May.

This repression caused the withdrawal from the government of several opposition parties. These events raised fears of a resurgence of the civil war. Ouattara represented the predominantly Muslim north, particularly the poor immigrant workers from Mali and Burkina Faso working on coffee and cocoa plantations.


First Ivorian Civil War – Wikipedia

The two sides each accused France of siding with the other: The timetable outlined in the lihas version of the Linas-Marcoussis Accord was not respected. Retrieved 2 March Jacques Chirac Kofi Annan. The History of Africa: The parties agreed to work together on modifying national identity, eligibility for citizenship, and land tenure laws which many observers see as among the root causes of the conflict.

New York and London: There is some dispute as to what actually happened that night.

On 4 Marchaccoed peace agreement was signed between the government and the New Forces in OuagadougouBurkina Faso. The end of the civil war was proclaimed on 4 July. France deployed the troops it had based in Ivory Coast, on 22 September, and blocked the rebels’ path.

Simultaneously, the Young Patriots of Abidjan rallied by the State media, plundered possessions of French nationals. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ivorian Civil War. However, it was widely claimed that his body had been moved after his death and that he had actually been murdered at his home along with fifteen other people.

This page was linaz edited on 24 Decemberat An economic downturn due to a deterioration of the terms of trade between Acord World and developed countries worsened conditions, exacerbating the underlying cultural and political issues.

On 4 March, the PDCI suspended its participation in the government, being in dissension with the FPI President Gbagbo’s party on nominations to office within the administration and in public companies. Soro was unhurt, although four others were said to have been killed and ten were said to have been wounded. The preliminary results announced by the Electoral Commission showed a loss for Gbagbo in favor of his rival, former prime minister Alassane Ouattara.


The United Nations Security Council passed Resolution on 15 November, enforcing an arms embargo on the parties.

French troops dispatched to evacuate foreigners battled rebels near Man on 30 November. Fighting resumed on 24 February over the impasse on the election results, with the New Force rebels capturing Zouan-Hounienand marcoussus in Abobo, Yamoussoukro and around Anyama [9] [10].

First Ivorian Civil War

The Ivorian elections took place in October after being delayed six times. Lastly, lonas the morning of 13 November expatriate French had returned to France, and other European expatriates had left.

After the inauguration of Gbagbo, Dw, recognized as the winner by most countries and the United Nations, organized an alternative inauguration.

Ivory Coast Young Patriots of Abidjan supported by: A peace agreement to end the conflict was signed on 4 March On 25 June, a French soldier was killed in his vehicle by a government soldier close to Yamoussoukro.