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At times I wished that I was better able to understand the French phrases and dialogue rn remained untranslated but I was still able to follow this engaging and chilling political thriller. As a means of relaxation or distraction he secretly dons civilian clothes and goes out into Paris as “Antoine”.

At times I wished that I was better able to understand the French phrases and dialogue that remained untranslated but I wa It’s in German occupied Paris. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Jul 17, E Wilson rated it really liked it. Urmariri,momente dragastoase sau periculoase acum astea fac parte acum din viata lui Michael,iar Chantal il ajuta cu evadarea.

I can’t say I liked it, but I definitely thought it was a solid novel. He’s in a city he doesn’t really belong to, working for people abfil doesn’t really respect, doing a job he can’t stomach. Not very challenging or thought provoking, but entertaining. Love blooms, life is not kind. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Abril En Paris / April in Paris: Michael Wallner: Books –

Her clothes are off and she’s on top of him. During the day, he translates confessions obtained from prisoners who are being tortured.

The end of April in Paris felt appropriate, although I wanted a much michaek one. If this book were a movie, I would have had it play in the background while I played a videogame on my computer – that’s how interesting it is.

Abril en Paris : Michael Wallner :

It just seemed like after all Roth had been through to find the woman he loved, there could have been a reunion of some kind. Make no mistake; this is NOT a hearts-and-flowers romantic escapade, but a gritty and serious novel full of hardship and heartache.


The Best Books of April in Paris by Michael Wallner. Written in an elegant and arresting style, it is a thrilling novel by a promising new writer, who has brought the reality of a war-torn past very much to the present. It perhaps long overdue for the world to reexamine the events of WWII in light of the fact that every German soldier was not a devout Nazi.

W I came to this book because the audio version was performed by an actor I’d really enjoyed listening to before. A German corporal and translator attempts to pass for French on a lark.

Maybe it was the translation, but I felt the writing was a little wooden – it was told in such a didactic, matter-of-fact way that it was almost as if I were reading a textbook about this character; I didn’t get any sense of passion from it, so it was hard to be drawn in to the story. I felt as if the author were trying to make a big bang out of the ending–but it fell flat.

She turns out to be a member of the French resistance and they become embroiled in a war torn romance that is destined to end disastrously.

The first part dragged a bit and wasn’t overly believable. It portrays mixed identities as true identities and shows sides pparis people we don’t consider very often.

Abril en Paris

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. But when it was done listening, I had the impression of the first time I tried to walk in high heels: He sees and becomes infatuated with a young woman that works in a hair salon and moonlights as a nude model and dancer in a club.

Abrik 25, Maria Myers rated it liked it Shelves: Wzllner my opinion,the interrogations sequences in this short book were too long but I knew they were coming of course. Roth, a twenty-one-year-old German soldier, padis spent most of his time in occupied Paris working in the army’s back offices. He is easy to root for; he starts out as apathetic and then just turns into a guy trying to survive.


April in Paris

No Kindle device required. The writing was slightly confusing and there was one short chapter I can’t remember which that seemed disjointed. Hardcoverpages. But he is fascinated with Fn and decides to alleviate his boredom by going out into the city in civilian clothing, assuming a Pxris name and history, and testing his unaccented French to absorb Midhael life.

My interest was piqued in this case because April In Paris is written from a German point of view sympathetic to the Resistance. Apr 14, Rune rated it really liked it Shelves: Intreccio notevole, rovinato da uno svolgimento traballante e un finale pasticciato. Made me miss Paris, but that’s not difficult. The elements I liked, I liked alot. I was glad I had the text handy, however, because I needed wallnet see the written words to puzzle out the French phrases.

I think it is an interesting and somewhat troubling cultural fact that someone like me, born 30 years after the end of WWII, could still feel so conflicted over a book like April In Paris.

It is a scary and yet charming story that you will enjoy. He divides his time between Berlin and the Black Forest. Dec 05, Ryan rated it liked it.

He meets and falls in love with a French girl, who wal,ner learns through his work with the SS, is heavily involved with the French resistance. When I say it reminded me of The English Patient the film, I haven’t read the bookyou’ll have a good sense of how it ends. The story line of an SS soldier and a French Resistance woman love story in occupied France sounded wonderful.

I feel like stories like this all end the same as muchael was similar to the ending of A Berlin Love Song.