Press Release, June 19, ; New ABB DCS Drive, Ideal For Plastics Applications, Makes Quantum Leap In Dc Technology – Smallest. View and Download ABB DCS manual online. DCS Thyristor power converter for DC drive systems 20 to A 9 to kW. DCS DC Drives pdf . The DCS is a digital DC drive that was introduced in It was ABB’s first drive featuring a start-up assistant, and ease of use. The DCS is targeted at.

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Assignment identical with 9. Installation Separation A separation transformer makes line chokes unnecessary because transformers of its leakage inductance, and a grounded screen between its windings saves an EMC filter, see and 4.

ABB Control Panel DCSPAN; Control Panel DCSPAN

Page 93 Overview of Software custom. The control panel display only shows one line of this text list at a time. Overview of Software Monitoring the Mains Voltage: Page 78 Overview of Software custom. Ds400 Definitions Earth, earthing for safety Ground, grounding for EMC, connection with chassis or housing with low inductance Important instructions for plants with line fil- ters Filter in an earthed line TN or TT Network The filters are suitable for earthed lines only, for example in public European V lines.

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Speed controller optimization Select and confirm. For other reasons, see chapter 6. Our aim is to offer the best combination of reliable products at the most affordable price, backed by on-time delivery, good partnership and fast response to inquiries.


The default settings of this interface are MSW bit 11 Ass 6. DCS Thyristor power converter. Page 89 Overview of Software custom. Page 97 Overview of Software ParNo.

This parameter indicates the control bits of the terminal block or of the bus communication. Show on map Hide map.

ABB DCS 400 Manual

Overview of Software The overload phase is set using parameters Ccs400 Cur 4. The current controller will decrease the armature current to zero as fast as possible.

Page Installation Important hint The abbb shows the principle structure of a DC drive and its dc4s00. This can be done in two ways. Page 45 Overview of Software 1. Page of Go. Is used for stall protection, as a standstill message to the drive logic and for the generation of the Zero Speed signal.

Page Page – D Examples for basic parameter programmi Read parameter Speed Ref 5. Page 71 Overview of Software ParNo.

Installation In operation, drive converters, depending on their degree of protec- The installation and cooling of the appliances shall be in accordance tion, may have live, uninsulated, and possibly also moving or rotating with the specifications in the pertinent documentation.

Detailed information is avail- able from the specific adapter descriptions. The alarm range shifts when the Net Underv Trip 1.

We will get back to you as soon as possible. Power Interface Board Sdcs-pin-3a Technical data 3. If you require any other information, please contact us using form located at the bottom of the page. Page 98 Overview of Software custom. Assignment identical with DO1 6. Speed actual value Speed Act 5. Joliet Technologies Benefits with Joliet Technologies:: Speed reference via analog input 1.


DC Converters DCS 6-pulse converters offer accurate torque and speed control in the low power range. Where Used as a spare part for “Products”. Operating Instructions Commissioning step Comments Fieldweakening?

The fuses’ construction requires special fuse holders. AMains Voltage Low will be generated.

Connection Examples Connection examples Installation Installation 5. The signals are selected in the parameters control panel. Operating Instructions Hints for speed controller autotuning Drive accelerates to overspeed Only successfully commissioned selftuning will change With default parameter values defaults: No need for a field voltage adaptation transformer to match the line supply voltage with that of the motor.

The allocation is as data sets. Operating Instructions Start of guided commissioning Commissioning step Comments Unexpected trouble during guided commissioning can be eliminated easily.

Dcs Overload Withstand Capability 2. Overview of Software Armature current controller operating modes The speed of a DC motor is altered with the armature voltage. Page 70 Overview of Software ParNo. Page 99 Overview of Software custom. Overview Of Software Overview of Software 4 Overview of software The software delivered may contain minor changes to the product described here. Overview of Software 1. No Minimum Order Quantity: