Though fiction set in India has recently broadened our view of its culture, only Bharati Mukherjee’s Desirable Daughters has addressed the. Summary and reviews of A Breath of Fresh Air by Amulya Malladi, plus links to a book excerpt from A Breath of Fresh Air and author biography of Amulya. A Breath of Fresh Air by Amulya Malladi – book cover, description, publication history.

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She manages to survive but her marriage does not. Courageously, she decides to divorce Prakash, despite the fierce disapproval of her parents and society. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. When Breath Becomes Air Maloadi. The next chapter opens with Anjali divorced and remarried to Sandeep, a professor who is gentle and supportive and her best friend, who knows all her secrets. But when Anjali’s first husband suddenly reappears in her life, she is thrown back to the troubling days of their marriage with a force that impacts everyone around her.

Wanting to be a good, traditional Indian wife, Anjali is shocked that their marriage hardly resembles those in romantic films. His lies save his military career even though everyone knows she was telling the truth. I didn’t like this one quite as much as ‘Serving Crazy with Curry’, that one really gripped me.

I would certainly read more by ai author. It spawned, too, a well-publicized lawsuit, with hundreds and thousands of dollars paid in compensation to the families of victims who had either died or eventually suffocated to death.

It also showed how alike we are with universal themes in terms of family relationships, the healing that goes with forgiveness, and the strong bonds of friendship. As for, this book — I think you will like it too. Anjali begins her new life and continues to show herself as a woman who is independent and has strength.

Do read The Sound feesh Language by Amulya. Five Past Midnight is a life changing book, one that touched me like few others, but A Breath of Fresh Air really is a breath of fresh air in touching on the Bhopal tragedy by viewing its impact on one woman and her family, many years later.


A BREATH OF FRESH AIR by Amulya Malladi | Kirkus Reviews

A smart, successful schoolteacher, Anjali is now remarried to Sandeep, a loving and stable professor. Fgesh delay in his picking her up changes her life forever, when the catastrophic gas leak poisons the city.

nreath But this one was good, I guess the tone was just a bit quieter. Prakesh was scheduled to pick Anjali up at the train station.

A Breath of Fresh Air by Amulya Malladi

The sister-in-law who is spiteful and nagging, The parents who cannot really forgive their daughter, the other wives who gossip and play cards. You get to piece together the full story as the narrative shifts between different points of frfsh. All the characters were complicated, and they were shown facing down choices that allowed them to grow or to not. The book is a good read and held my attention throughout.

Goodreads is really good, RM, I especially like the recommendation section. Quotes from A Breath of Fresh Get to Know Us. Sep 18, Gerri rated it really liked it.

Plusieurs narrateurs auxquels on s’attache tous. They live cheaply and spend most of their money on their ailing son. The story starts with the Bhopal gas disaster in As an engineer, I was drilled in plant safety: Even Prakash, a very unlikable character, is made less detestable once you are able to see his progression from a young, cocky, military man to an older, run-down man who is dogged by his mistakes. When Breath Becomes Air. Be the first to discover new talent! Who was right a Powerful!

In a landscape as intriguing as it is unfamiliar, Anjali’s struggles to reconcile the roles of wife and ex-wife, working woman and mother, illuminate both the fascinating duality of the modern Indian woman and the difficult choices all women must make. In an instant, her world changes forever.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Jun 19, Ruchi rated it really liked it. You are commenting using your Facebook account. My only objection, and why I ar give it 5 stars, is due to her jumping back and frdsh between the main characters.


How she makes peace with herself and with her parents who have never approved of either her divorce or her second husband, how she reconciles her dual roles as a working mother and wife and how a single event changes thousands of people forever are the themes explored in this book.

A Breath of Fresh Air by Amulya Malladi

This was a quick read. They all knew he was cheating on her and that he had an affair at his last posting. Definitely a good read and well recommended.

She now teaches English to ninth graders and has an extremely sick son, Amar, who is critically ill from the aftereffects of his exposure to the chemicals. Years later, remarried to Sandeep, and mother to Amar, a young boy who is severely affected by the ill-effects brezth the gas his mother inhaled, life is tough, but peaceful and she finds happiness with what she has. Years This story takes many of the customs in India and weaves it into a story about learning, freedom, independence, and love.

But life as a military wife brought her into contact with diversity previously un On the night of the Bhopal gas tragedyAnjali waited in a Bhopal train station, her arrival forgotten by her adulterous husband. She is strong, but cannot help but fume about the unfairness of life that brdath allow Prakash and his new wife to be so comfortable when she and Sandeep have so little to help their dying son.

In an instant, her world changes forever. Aug 23, Amanda rated it really liked it Recommended to Amanda by: I could not put it down.