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Buy New or Surplus ALLEN BRADLEY OW16 (OUTPUT MODULE 16POINT ISOLATED RELAY CONTROL LOGIX) parts. Radwell also repairs ALLEN. Preliminary Publication UMD-EN-P – October Summary of Changes. Introduction. This release of this document contains updated information. specifications. I/O Modules. Digital Contact Output Modules (Please select number of Removable terminal Blocks as addded in the list.): N.O. Isolated Relay .

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Has anyone experienced this same or similar issue?

Transient suppression built in. Truth is, you should make some effort to identify the actual loads on these outputs and use interposing relays where necessary.

I got it from a quick Google search. Copyright Sterling Services.


So to add to Ron’s aforementioned and pertinent potential for leakage current “Hold On”, and to provide a solution when faced with this issue Solution Partners System Integrators. Conformal Coating Product Profile. For protection, users should use a fused IFM in order to protect their outputs.

It’s much easier, and cheaper to change out an interposing relay, than an Output module. Name Company Telephone Email. Most starter and solenoid coils are sufficiently rated for an off state leakage current as low as 1. pw16


If so, and our friend deviates from trying to migrate contact to contact type output modules, then yes, your advice is highly relevant and widespread. Products came with appropriate documents and in new condition.

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I’ve also seen people install tiny little itty-bitty relays as “interposing” relays – only to have them “stick ON” when the PLC tries to turn them OFF – due to the “leakage current” effect Everyone There is a very good example there of a situation where the combination of a leaky Output, wired to an Input with a wo16 max.

See details for additional description.

Allen-Bradley 1756-OW16

Sorry had not read your last reply I would take the opportunity to add the relays while you are updating the panels. Connect with the best — locally and globally. Product photographs are representative, actual product photographs can be emailed upon request.

I’m just bringing up another piece of the puzzle which might or might not prove helpful Rockwell’s job is done here I feel? Especially if you are driving possibly high loads, I strongly recommend them Why is it impractical to install interposing relays?

AB relay output contact ratings [Text] – – Interactive Q & A

Migrating 6-channel to 8-channel Analog Modules Migration Guide. Call us right now Streamline implementation and extend the value of your solution. I think what we are looking at is a 2-tier terminal block style relay. So in fact, the only module to be concerned with is the OW16I, oq16 it is the only one of the two modules that have snubbers built in. Product Key Features Controller Platform.


To find additional product information CAD drawing files, 3D models, etc. This way there is no transient suppression built in and inductive loads will make short work of the Cards tiny relay contacts. I know from experience in helping other people solve these types of problems that some of the specifications get overlooked This item ow166 belong on this page.

Allen Bradley 1756-OW16

ControlLogix System Selection Guide. We’ll keep trying to send your inquiry if you stay on the page. The producer-consumer technology used allows input 1765 and output status to be shared among multiple ControlLogix controllers. See all 5 brand new listings.