The late John L. Mackie, formerly of University College, Oxford. The Miracle of Theism. J. L. MACKIE. New York: Oxford University. Press, p. Cloth $, paper $ Faith and Rationality. ALVIN PLANTINGA and . The Miracle of Theism. Arguments For and Against the Existence of God. John L. Mackie. Publication Date – January ISBN: pages.

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Dan Baras – – European Journal of Philosophy 26 1: In order to really appreciate Mackie’s thought, as well as his mistakes, one must have extensive knowledge of the history of theology and philosophy with some chapters being exempt from this observation i.

Request removal from index. In terms of contemporary theists, Richard Swinburne and Alvin Plantinga are given special attention throughout this work, especially Swinburne.

The Miracle of Theism: Arguments for and Against the Existence of God

mckie Teleological is there as well, but not as well thought out. Now, of course, a dictator could motivate people to obey his will by issuing threats of violence, but this would just return us to the question of why such reasons should be considered moral reasons. Mackie on Neoplatonism’s ‘Replacement for God’.

Daarna bestudeert deze kerel of ze houdbaar zijn. As best as I can see it, it simply means that god has given us reasons to avoid certain actions and to engage in other certain actions, and these reasons are independent of what we want.

He definitely, in my humble opinion and I don’t mean that sarcastically, fulfills the stereotype that atheism could not exist without theism. McBrayer – – Philosophy Compass 5 7: Science Logic and Mathematics. Still, well over two millennia later, and in spite of a bounty of examples of religiously-inspired mcakie, we find the question persists.


Find it on Scholar. Faheem Hussain rated it really liked it Sep 01, Open Preview See a Problem? It was a quite good book about the philosophy of religion.

Despite what it says on the back, I doubt that the general reader can follow the discussion. The Existence of God. Gaskin – – Philosophical Books 25 1: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

J. L. Mackie, The Miracle of Theism – PhilPapers

Design, Evil, Reason, and Experience Chapter seven addresses the argument from consciousness, noting how theism takes the physical connection between intentions and their fulfillment i. The Miracle of Theism: In diesem Buch findet man ontologische, kosmologische, moralische und teleologische Argumente. The idea that a single being — even a perfectly good one — is able to provide obligations that are both moral and motivating is far from established, yet it is entirely necessary to the moral argument.

His book is in the same genre as Smith’s Atheism: What God Could Have Made. Alle mij bekende goede filosofische Godsbewijzen worden behandeld op een manier dat ik ze nu beter begrijp dan daarvoor. I don’t think that Mackie avoids this, but he could if he adopted an Aristotelian view, or even as he described it, a Kantian view of morality. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Arti Narang rated it really liked it Sep 06, Since Mackie believes in an evolutionary view of morality, and admits that this leads to relativism chapter 14it is hard to see how one will not just adopt a morality based solely on the pragmatic or damaging ‘moral experiences. After reading Mackie, I suspect he would distance himself from such characters. Mar 09, Tarek Sweedan rated it it was amazing.

The Miracle of Theism. Yet if this is so, then god has no need to use any means to attain his ends.

Mackie is thorough, but not so thorough as to make reading his book a job in philosophical thinking. At pages in length, it manages to be thorough and concise, tackling the classic arguments for god, more modern variations and arguments put forward by Alvin Plantinga, Richard Swinburne, John Leslie, and others, as well as the problem of evil and some non-traditional theistic claims.


Jun 05, Chris rated it it was amazing. Richard Swinburne – – Oxford University Press. The free will defense against evil presupposes that having creatures with free will is a greater good than preventing evil. Azad rated it did not like it Sep 18, But, to his credit, Mackie does provide a sound rejection of communism and Marxist political theories as being too oppressive and overly optimistic.

The Miracle of Theism: Arguments for and Against the Existence of God by John Leslie Mackie

A Case Against God, but goes into a bit more detail, philosophically speaking. Naarmate het boek naar het einde nadert begint zijn schr; uitgeleend aan Marnix Trivia About The Miracle of Th The Miracle of Theism February 23,In: Mackie Clarendon Press,Pp. This review has necessarily been a brief exploration of some of the arguments and ideas in the book that most peaked my interest, but I will very likely be taking up excerpts of it for additional discussion in future articles and reviews on this site.

Compliments aside, I did find that Mackie doesn’t appear to offer any positive arguments for atheism. Mackie claims that god, by any reasonable definition, has power over causal laws.

John Leslie – – Religious Studies 22 Sign in Create an account. A Case for the Existence of God. The Miracle of Theism: