Mackie owner’s manual online. Premium Analog Mixer w/Perkins EQ & Firewire Option. Music Mixer pdf manual download. Also for: Onyx Manuals and User Guides for Mackie Onyx We have 1 Mackie Onyx manual available for free PDF download: Owner’s Manual. Information about the Mackie Onyx Channel Mixer. User Manual The Onyx , and start with all-new premium analog circuitry, setting.

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For very large projects obviously when no more records are do not needto I happily increases the buffer up to or more, just to relieve the CPU and ASIO. The inputs run through Onyx microphone preamps one of the best mic pre’s on the market is built into this board! The manual like all mackie manuals is the best I’ve ever read. That means unless you can buy the mixer and the card togetherfinding a place to get the Firewire card for this model will be difficult.

In short I did not buy the optional Onyx They’ve been around for a while and they know how to do it. Equalizer works perfectly, although once connected by Firewire, faders and equalizers do not serve anything.

I really apprci the possibility of direct connection to a PC. Rear Panel Onyx The pres are the best I’ve heard on a mixer.

Haha I have rarely seen a manual such as Mackie, who are full of humor, anecdotes and other. There are no user serviceable parts inside. It features the onyx mic pres. As good big qu’amek see better It is a great choice in home studio tube microphone and or color preamp.

I also thing this is my favorite EQ strip manusl a mixer.


The madkie best features in my opinion are the onyx pres and the eq sections. Why this studio to mix the external effects, stuff like pedals cradde effects, stuff like reverbs class better than the plug-ins? Nothing super out of the ordinary. Usually solid construction here I find the knobs of a fragile-looking and are some irrguliers when they are running In addition, channels 1 and 2 have high-impedance instrument inputs so you can connect a guitar directly to the mixer.

Page 26 Appendix C: If it’s worth knowing, they put it in the manual.

Mackie Onyx-1620 Manuals

Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. And 4 Stereo, 4 to 4 with Stereo Returns, 1 insert per. Then there’s the completely new Perkins EQ circuitry, a ‘neo classic’ 3- and 4-band design which gives you the sweet musicality of British EQ with greater filter control and minimum phase shift plus a true hardware EQ bypass. No hissing or “electronic hum” from the unit. Not only do you have your typical E. How to get out of a sound FX software to my 70 pcm for example hmm? This manual also for: The mic pres sound really good.

Otherwise everything you need for a table at this level. Page 4 The Onyx is equipped with eight of our new premium precision-engineered studio-grade Onyx mic preamps.

SOUNDS Well I’m not a pro but I found the background noise on the manuxl jack hand really abuse me to the point of branch output ctrl room all the time. All other brand names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders, and are hereby acknowledged. I love the fact that you can activate the phantom power on a particular track, not an entire group.

Mackie doesn’t pile on a bunch of half baked features that you won’t ever really use. Failure to register online or return the product registration card will not void the three-year warranty. Next up are Mackie’s new Onyx mic preamps, which meet or surpass expensive esoteric standalone mic preamps in terms of fidelity and transparency. From there, it is equipped with Perkins E. Mackie doesn’t mess around with any mumbo jumbo technical stuff that you don’t need. They know their product and how us “joe’s” see it.


It is equipped with Aux sends and returns that can be used for bussing premixes or effects to or from or through whatever-wherever. Through my daw everything sounds nice.

Mackie Onyx Channel Mixer

This is primarily why I buy a lot of mackie stuff. I didn’t have ANY problems with install. There are LEDs everywhere and it seems we are faced with a ssl fred stop fantasizing. You can saturate the console has enormous levels without losing quality preamps or eq c always the same good, fo having done your levels before The sweet spot on this one is pretty much everywhere.

They make a solid bare bones product that’s built to work for years.

There is ojyx option to put its digital sounds on the computer but damage is very unfortunate that it is without a control eq it’s so good or fader and insert. After that, you can take the grand tour of the mixer, with descriptions of every knob, button, input, and output. Enter text from picture: