Love Fraud – How marriage to a sociopath fulfilled my spiritual plan, a book by Donna Andersen based on her true story. In a similar vein, Love Fraud founder Donna Andersen has written a page book religiously chronically her marriage with someone whom. The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Red Flags of Love Fraud: 10 signs you’re dating a sociopath by Donna Andersen at Barnes & Noble.

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Love Fraud

I feel I was led to Donna Andersen and her books, website and blog. The path to recovery is not an easy one and Ms.

It then became clear to me that the hot pursuit was only a game for him and that juggling women, under the pretense of offering true love, was how he occupied his time and entertained himself. If everyone took Lovefraud advice at face value, they’d be running away from everyone. How did my rephrase grab ya? If the rape victim is physically held, the victim of a sociopath is psychologically as dependent. But it is a Hollywood movie and knowing what I know of the world, I question its accuracy.

Or maybe not, maybe it’s just a ridiculous older white woman fantasy about trying to find a “good man” in a world full of crazies, e.

Instead, it ends up feeling familiar. If that person shows many or all of these traits, get him or her out of your life. Being a “nice” person who wants to believe the best in everyone is NOT a flaw we can pick apart, but it IS one that sociapaths look for.

Sociopaths suck out the joy out of life and the spiritual strength of their victims. You made it sound as if they all go on red alert, and that’s simply not true.


More Sunnygal well said. Anderson has helped countless others by revealing her story to lead the way.

Instead of recycling our psycho dramas, which means that we never move on from the model we have created for ourselves, i. Anonymous August 25, at 3: Some readers share their experiences on the Lovefraud blog, which has evolved into a healing community of survivors.

For me, if I do that then I stand no chance of recovering and learning about myself in a way that will enhance my life. More Merry Christmas from Lovefraud! If you’re dealing with a person who exhibits some of these traits, put your guard up. Red Flags of Love Fraud: Like the movie “Must Love Dogs,” I just can’t quite figure out whether your typical Love Fraud reader is delusional, principled, obsessed, wronged, out of touch, or on top of things.

And some lovefrauf us wouldn’t have asked for the parents we got.

Love Fraud book

I assume you are not in an abusive relationship. Being an highly intellectual person as well as an HSP highly sensitive person has been an interesting journey for me. If both sides adapt, it would be much easier, even though, of course, for the socio it is much easier to adapt. It is truly difficult to look at yourself realistically and consider how you may have contributed to your own pain. I completely support survivors. My first step in recovering was to google the symptoms manifested by my lover: It is this mentality – this perspective that offers empowerment.

But if you stay stuck in this mentality, you are actually setting yourself up to become victimized again. Do you remember when he describes his horror and shame looking at naked dead bodies being shoveled away when he first arrived to the concentration camp? They offer tests that victims can take to identify WHY they were taregted.


Aug 24, John Zunski rated it really liked it. Anonymous August 25, at Oh, stuff it, Anon. Hers is an incredible and inspiring journey of a woman who embodies courage, faith, resilience, and spiritual transformation. Feb 24, Claudia Moscovici rated it it was amazing.

And you keep using that to suggest that they need to reinforce their victim status, but anyone with an ounce of personal fortitude will tell you that it’s quite the opposite. I’m older than a lot of you people and I should have known better.

She deserves kudos for baring her soul in this tell all, and for her persistence in trying to hold Mr. Bpok said echo chamber.

Has Frankl ever thought that being in the concentration camp was somehow his fault? Lovefraux was weak, and that part of myself I hope I never see again.

Red Flags of Love Fraud: 10 Signs You’re Dating a Sociopath

Once I accept abhorrent behavior such as openly cheating, withdrawing more funds from my savings, etc. Donna Andersen is author of Lovefraud. New research has shown that it can lovefrau quite useful to deal with emotional trauma. We all have a choice in how we respond to the vicissitudes of life, no matter what we tell ourselves.