Unfortunately they have removed their realistically priced Locost chassis plans from sale due to the high cost of public liability and professional indemnity. It seems that 3 years ago Vodou freely published as set of plans, for a Miata based build, however it looks like they are not around anymore. There are plans circulating around for several different sized frames. This can be confusing. “Book” frame refers to the frame in Ron Champion’s.

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Making 17 of them was a tedious job, no fun at all. The first is the frame and the second is the wishbones. Go to my web garage. So take a look at the photo albums and follow my project as it grew into a home built, road registered sports car.

The increased height goes through the horizontal portion of the chassis forward of the dashboard to balance the over all design and accommodate taller engines.

Facebook Twitter Car and Driver. First up I built a solid timber table with steel legs to provide the level surface required for the space-frame construction, which also gave me a chance to practice my cutting and welding skills before launching llans the serious construction stuff.

Instead I decided to build the chassis in 1 to 10 scale. Thank you very much to all who contributed here.

I don’t know the story here. Therefore I should not have painted the chassis steel colour overall. Not an error but more an improvement: The chassis plans on this site are pland on the original Locost design presented in Ron Champion’s book.

A common location could be useful to me, and all future people like me looking for a place to start. As you can see, I had started base-coating the model too, using Humbrolplahs search of building defects.


Then problem solved for others in the future plas. It explains most but not all of the process, but nevertheless it’s very inspiring. Next the ‘sheet metal’ of the transmission tunnel, the rear uprights, the footwell front, the sides of the car, the top of the footwell, and the nose bottom panel were added, in that order.

Sat Dec 06, 4: I bought four plwns of 2. My own car reportedly achieves 22, Fri Dec 01, 1: And they behaved very different, the latter drying very, very fast at summer temperatures. If they are designed badly, they will have a low torsional stiffness, which will make for less than desirable road holding.

Scratchbuilt 1/10 scale Locost chassis

I bought the edition, which is slightly revised. As an example, a Lotus Seven has a torsional stiffness of around 1, Nm per degree. The images below show the level of detail provided in the drawing files. I estimate that I spent some 20 hours on it. Fri Dec 05, 3: Unfortunately they have removed their realistically oocost Locost chassis plans from sale due to the plzns cost of public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

There are three drawing packages to choose from. I used 5 x 5 mm square tube, with one wall locoost away. CA glue was used throughout, allowing for fast bonding. Tube chassis discussion on the MCM forum. And I found out that the instructions for the longitudinal locosg of the front suspension brackets is completely missing in the book, which must play havoc with the castor angles of the real thing – unbelievable! Here are the wishbones.

Locost chassis build

Chassis Plans The chassis plans on this site are based on the original Locost design presented in Ron Champion’s book. For modern high-performance cars, 30, Nm per degree is the target.

There are some vendors manufacturing nosecones that are taller than the book design to provide even more height for the engine. It definitely has the right effect, but it’s also very vulnerable, and I lovost to install repair patches in a few locations after breaking the skins.


This oversized nosecone is still available from certain vendors. I have a set of Vodou plans. Even plxns the airbrush was almost too long a delay!

Mon Dec 31, 8: I might try splitting it into smaller files Bill. The plans are not complete, but they should provide you with a very good and very accurate starting point. I’ve excluded them from the drawings because each builder tends to customize the transmission tunnel to meet their needs cut-to-fit.

Concluding the construction of the space frame were plas diagonals in the sides. Standard front wishbones should bolt right up assuming the track width of locst donor axle is exactly 4″ greater than the UK based Ford Escort Mk1 the book donor. The reality was that the process is far from simple and there are many decisions to be made along the way and problems to overcome.


Jay Dagless 8th scale Porsche with a full frame. As they were freely available locosy private use, I would expect there is no issue sharing a copy? Another error involves the floor panel. The top was 20mm chipboard with 90mm x 30mm pine supports glued on the long edges and a steel tube frame underneath. Also, I shouldn’t have base-coated the model in grey paint, since its roughness showed, especially inside the passenger compartment, where the overspray settled down as dust particles.

I purchased a complete Mazda MX5 NC as my donor vehicle and a selection of steel tubing, I was then ready to begin the process.

Chassis rigidity – FEA25 pages.