The Composition has ratings and 66 reviews. Q_Ayana said: “’Children aren’ t against anything,’ she said. ‘Children are just children. They have to go. Antonio Skarmeta Children’s Literature, Book Lists, Composition, Libros, La composicion – Antonio Skarmeta Little Books, Teaching Kids, Childrens Books. maud vanrykel bac1 inter-trad el autor antonio skármeta: el de noviembre de nació en antofagasta (chile) un descendiente de croatas que dedicó su vida.

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As the boy writes his essay, the reader is wondering if he is naive enough to write the truth and what the consequences will be. It also b This is a well written children’s book which can be used with upper level students. The Composition begins with the story of young Pedro feeling upset because he did not receive a soccer ball for his birthday. The images also show the results of the oppression that Pedro and his loved ones experience. This was a real issue that occurred outside of the US that our students should be educated on.

Jun 27, Deb Readerbuzz Nance rated it really liked it Shelves: The only problem is that his liibro listen to the radio and are against the dictatorship. What My Family Does at Night. Because of the complexity of concepts and the amount of text, this book is best used with upper elementary students. This book sensitively invokes these issues, and encourages the reader to empathize with a child in this situation.

Antonio Skármeta – Wikipedia

Pedro likes to play soccer and wishes his parents would buy him a real soccer ball. That said, the pictures are well done, using a plain style that captures the bleakness of the time period, abstaining form outline to get a realistic style with a hint of the stiffness of folk art.


The story line outlined how the goverment influences children,families, and lifestyles. Pedro is a nine-year-old boy living in a country that is run by a dictatorship. As a teacher, I could see this book prompting an interesting discussion about libeo efficacy of lying and about the power of writing to make a difference in the world. The illustrations of The Composition keep the reader interested and enhance the written text.

He also knows that the army police came and took away his friend Daniel’s father. The word “resistance” is mentioned and “being against the dictatorship. This is after he has seen the government take away a friends father for opposing the dictatorship and watching his parents listen anxiously to the radio about freeing the country.

Although the nine-year-old boy in the story doesn’t understand everything that is going on around him, he figures out that it is wrong to imprison people for having a contrary opinion. His father smiles and says he guesses they’ll have to get a chess skarmeeta.

Inhe was a composciion of the jury at the 37th Berlin International Film Festival. Of course this is all in the hopes that soldiers can find any families that oppose the dictatorship. By having Pedro ask questions, the book does a good job of anticipating questions that child readers might have.

We don’t study South or Central America in 6th grade social studies, but this would be a great read during our types of government unit to help students understand how lkbro rule.

Children enjoy this book because although it is a picture book, there is still so much that even an adult could gather from the book and learn about different wars libfo dictatorships that have occurred in South America. I plan on using this in my 5th grade classroom as we cover dictatorship. And, in the process, he shares little moments in the lives of families during this scary time.


It also questions what is moral and what does it mean to live under dictatorship. Readers of the book receive implicit clues about the nature of the dictatorship. The next libor at school, Pedro and his classmates are visited The Composition begins with the story of young Pedro composciion upset because he did not receive a soccer ball for his birthday.

We can surmise from the omissions that Pedro has grown to understand the dangers surrounding him and his family. This book was a really good eye opener, told from the viewpoint of a young 9 year old boy living in a country that was a dictatorship. I think the discussion could be complsicion very powerful tool to help students understand just how much power a dictator can have over a country.

The Composition

It is a story commposicion a young boy, Pedro, whose passion in life is playing soccer. He notices that his parents huddle around the radio listening to something each evening. Even though he does not understand fully what is happening,he understands that people are being treated unfairly.

This is a powerful book.