By Andre Leroi-Gourhan – Gesture and Speech [Anna Bostock Berger (Translator ), Randall White (Introduction) Andre Leroi-Gourhan] on *FREE*. André Leroi-Gourhan was a French archaeologist, paleontologist, paleoanthropologist, and . Gesture and Speech (Cambridge, Massachusetts & London: MIT Press, ). The Hunters of Prehistory Trans. Claire Jacobson. New York. Alexander said: It ought to be a criminal offence that Gesture and Speech, the defining work AndrA(c) Leroi-Gourhan () was an anthropologist and .

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André Leroi-Gourhan

Claryn rated it liked it Feb 24, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Retrieved from ” https: Crucial to Leroi-Gourhan’s understanding of human evolution is the notion that the transition to bipedality freed the hands for grasping, and the face for gesturing and speaking, and thus that the development of the cortexof technology, and of language all follow from the adoption of an upright stance. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Jesse rated it really liked it Nov 06, His work in this field has proved catalytic for the thinking of other major theorists, among them Jacques Derrida.

He has an artistic direction. His work in this field has proved catalytic for the thinking of other major theorists, among them Jacques Derrida. The Symbols of Society.

See 1 question about Gesture and Speech…. We have bigger brains because of the way our skull and our face evolved,and so we are not more evolved because we’re more intelligent, but we’re more intelligent because we are more evolved.

In he received the gold medal of the Centre national de la recherche scientifique. Douglas Stanley rated it it was amazing Jul 04, Regina rated it really liked it Oct 05, In Milieu et techniquesLeroi-Gourhan develops this into a general theory of the relation between the technical as universal tendency and the ethnic as specific, differentiated concretisation. Milimar rated it it was amazing Nov 03, The Spread of Symbols. Just a moment while we sign you in to apeech Goodreads account.


His adoption of the structuralist method for the analysis of prehistoric art enabled a radical rethinking and clearer understanding of its nature, with resulting implications for the understanding of the art of our own times, and for a broad range of contemporary issues.

The concretisation of the technical tendency in a particular ethnicity he calls a technical fact.

Gesture and Speech by André Leroi-Gourhan

Il realismo ottico ha perso, con la fotografia e le immagini del movimento, il carattere propulsivo che ha avuto nella maggior parte delle arti di lunga durata. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Gesture and Speech combines in one volume Technics and Language and Memory and Rhythms, which are the cornerstones of Leroi-Gourhan’s comprehensive theory of human behavior and cultural development. Vesture Fault of Epimetheus Stanford: As might be gleaned from the pithy summary above then, the scope and ambition of Gesture and Speech is simply huge. The Language of Forms. The human group, according to Leroi-Gourhan, behaves as though it were a living organism, assimilating its exterior milieu via “a curtain of objects”, which he also calls an “interposed membrane” and an “artificial envelope”, that is, technology.

Lists with This Book. Memory and Rhythms approaches its subject from the standpoints of lsroi and aesthetics.

As told by Leroi-Gourhan, what defines our becoming-human is less the acquisition of any one specific trait, than the progressive ‘liberation’ and ‘exteriorization’ of our various biological faculties. The milieu of the organism is divisible into the exterior milieu geography, climate, animals and vegetation and the interior milieu the shared past of the group, thus “culture”, etc.

Little rated it it was amazing Apr 18, Account Options Sign in. We were talking about how the human beings are not supposed to have a complete knowledge of how the world works, because they’re just animals, only more more complex than the others. This work is a sum which enables us to understand from where we come. Jorge rated it it was ok Dec 14, Leroi-Gourhan was, for example, concerned with questions of communication, particularly the ways in which new techniques of communication reshape our understanding of language and writing.


The Evolution of Neanthropian Types. Anastasia rated it really liked it Nov 11, Concise Oxford Dictionary of Archaeology.

Gesture and Speech – André Leroi-Gourhan – Google Books

It is it who makes it possible to seize out of gesrure. Jacopo rated it it was amazing Dec 18, Anthropogenesis corresponds to technogenesis.

Leroi-Gourhan estimates that the painted caves are sanctuaries. This page was last edited on 13 Novemberat This book is a really interesting reading if you’re keen spedch biology, paleo-anthropology, linguistics and anthropology, but can be awfully boring if you’re not interested I found the first part, more about paleontology than anthropology a bit too complex for me, but I really liked when he starts dealing with tools, language and culture.

Gesture and Speech

Hallvard rated it it was amazing Mar 07, The Image of Ourselves. Politics, evolution and the untimely Elizabeth Grosz No preview available lsroi The Johns Hopkins University Press,corrected editionin particular the concepts of “exteriorisation”, “program”, and “liberation of memory.

In conclision, is a good book but I recommend it only for readers who love this subject. The Breakup of the City.