Recitation of this highly Sacred and Secret Lalita Sahasra-naama Stotra is that time would provide far-reaching fruits of worship of which Devi Sahasranama is. Lalitha [email protected] _ pdf Significance of Chanting Sree Lalitha Sahasra Nama Lalitopakhyana: The story of. Listen to the Phala Sruthi song by Yamini Sisters from the movie Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam. Download the Phala Sruthi song online at.

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He is told about the war and the humiliation Ravan is suffering.

Lalitha sahastranamam prologue and trishati. Jwarartha shiirasimsprushtwa paden nama sahasrakam, Thath kshnaath yaathi shiraamsthadho jwaropi cha.

Prathi masam pournamasya mabhir nama sahasrakai, Rathrou yas chakra rajastha marchayeth para devathaam, Sa vethi Lalitha devi saw chakrarchanajam phalam, Aanye kadham vijaaneeyur Brahmadhyaa swalpa medhasa. Thasmad rahasya naamani, Sri Mathu prayatha padeth, Yithi they kaditham Lalithx rahasyam, Kumbha sambhava. Swathanthrena mayaa noktham thavapi kalasee bhava, Lalitha preranaa deva mayoktham stotramuthamam. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Aarohya yathi nikatam dasavath prani pathya cha, Thasmai rajyam cha kosam dadhya deva vasangatha.

There is no prayer similar to this won, Which would give pleasures an salvation, Oh sage, For men by singing these thousand names, Would get both pleasures as well as salvation.

There are ten important names out of these thousand sxhasranamam, And all these are praise worthy are praise worthy. Sarva roga pranasyanthi deergamayuscha vindhathi, Ayam aayushkaro nama prayoga kalpanoditha, The vedic stotra composed verses taken mainly from the rgveda.

This type of prayer has never existed in the past or will exist in future.

Lalitha Sahasranamam Phala Sruthi Lyrics

Devotees who daily sing these thousand names, Would be blessed by Lalitha Devi by fulfilling their wishes. Com raja thathas blogs books compiledtranslated home stotras prayer hymns devi stotras lalita sahasra nama phala sruthi lalita sahasra nama phala sruthi.

Phala sruthi lalitha sahasranama the effect reciting the thousand names lalitha translated p. The devotee would get the effect of taking bath in sacred rivers like Ganga, Or One crore times and also the same effect as consecrating one crore lingas. Jwala malini protected the army by creating a fire ring around it. Ravan discusses the matter with his courtiers and sends Sukh to seduce Sugriv from his loyalty to Shri Ram.


Lalitha Sahasranamam Phala Sruthi Lyrics | Hindu Devotional Blog

Lalitha sahasranamam the names goddess lalitha incarnation goddess parvati devi. Gangadhi sarva theertheshu ya snayath koti janmasu, Koti linga prathishtam thu ya kuryadh vimukthake. To him the goddess would give with love, whatever he wants, Who sings these names and learns the king of Manthras.

Singing them daily would cure the ill effects of Kali age, And the name Matha is important and should not be forgotten. Only Goddess Lalitha can tell some thing about the result of worshipping her chakra, And possibly Lord Brahma may be able to narrate it to certain extent. ParaShakthi rode in the center on the chariot of Sri Chakra. Hanuman Jayanti Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on full moon day during Chaitra month.

Rushayah anushtup chandaha shree lalita parameshari devata shrimadvagbhava. That devotee who sings these names of Lalitha Devi, Need not sing any other for she will be pleased, Only by singing of this even for hundreds of eons.

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Lalitha sahasranamam phala sruthi lyrics in sanskrit lalitha-sahasranamam-phala-sruthi-lyrics-in-sanskrit. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. Dhanarthi dhanam aapnothi, Yasorthi prapnuyath yasa, Vidhyarthi cha aapnuyath vidhya, nama sahasra keerthanaath.

So to wake Shiva from his deep meditation the devas deputed Manmatha, the God of love who shot his flower arrows at Paramashiva. To him the goddess would give with love, whatever he wants, Who sings these names and learns the king of Manthras.

After telling thus, sage Hayagreeva meditated on Goddess Lalitha, Was drowned in happiness and became enraptured. Yebhir nama sahasthraishtu Sri Chakram yo aarchayedh sakruth, Padmair va thulasee pushpai, kalhaarai vaa, kadambakai.


Samarchayed sada bhakthya thasya thushyathi Sundari, Bahunathra kimukthena srunu thwam Kmbha sambhava. Take bath in the morning, finish the oblations of the dawn, Go to the prayer room and first worship the Sree Chakra. Theshu mukhyam dasa vidham nama sahasra muchyathe, Rahasyanama saahasramidham sashtham dasaswapi. Meditating on Goddess Lakshmi and goddess Lalithambika, If the thousand names are read, effect of poison will vanish.


You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. That devotee who sings these names of Lalitha Devi, Need not sing any other for she will be pleased, Only by singing lalithx this even for hundreds of eons.

May April March February Com easytouse keyword analysis tool that allows you quickly get accurate and valuable data about the keyword lalitha sahasranamam phala Shruti simanta sirurikruta padabja dhulika. When the Asuras created blockade for the marching army, Sri Lalitha Tripura sundari created Ganesha with the help of Kameshwara to remove the blockade.

Or One crore times giving in Kurukshetra on Sundays giving, One crore gold ornaments to the twice born who kyrics learned Vedas, Or doing one crore Aswa medha yagas in the shores of the Ganges Or digging one crore wells with water in the deserts, Or feeding one crore Brahmins daily during the famine, Or doing with great attention train one thousand children.

The story of the Goddess Lalita Introduction This stotra hymn which praises occurs in Brahmanda purana Old epic of the universe in the Chapter on discussion between Hayagreeva and Agasthya. Phala sruthi lalitha sahasranamam pushpanjalitamil radha lalitha sahasranamam lyrics english kavacham.

Shri lalita sahasranama stotram.

Naanena sadrusam stotram sarva thanthreshu vidhyathe, Thasmad upasako nithyam keerthyedhida madarath, Pasu thulyeshu na broyajjaneshu sthotramuthamam, Yo dadhadhi vimoodathma Sri vidhya rahithaya thu. Daksha insulted her husband and she jumped in to the fire and ended her life. Pournamasyam chandra Bhimbhe dhyathwa sri lalithaambikaam, Panchopacharai sampoojya paden nama sahasrakam.