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70 years of light: a look at the history of La Universidad

However, the rules of the competition stated that the winning story would be published in the magazine with no exclusion clause of any type. I spent my adolescence in a country which had no freedom of expression, where fear gave rise to many different levels of self-censorship, where the press colluded with the Dictatorship in covering up atrocities committed against my compatriots, who were stripped of their rights to life and dignity through disappearances, cold-blooded murder and the chilling practice of torture.

It is this that I wish to emphasise: Teatro del Estado Sala E.

Valid student ID is required to obtain tickets and enter events. Magazines, fame, satire and literature. Refine your search for simonetti.

Read in Spanish here. It is a story set in a microcosm that could be almost any neighbourhood in Latin America, in which the characters try to escape from an apparently unavoidable fate; it is a text that criticises power and its forms, including those who go under the name of democrats. For Munro, literature was not about big ideas or complex paradigms, her sole concern was the intimacy of the characters that populate her stories—long short stories, for the most part, if I may say.

He is also editor of the magazine Zut. The director won the award for Best Director at the Sundance Festival thanks to this film; it presents the terrible but fascinating story of this singer-songwriter who, due to drug consumption and mental illness, would end up having imaginary encounters with the devil.

Author of more than 11 novels and a well-received and honest autobiography Joseph Anton. His works have been critical and popular successes and have been translated into more than twenty languages. Her first novel, Black Dirtwas a candidate for the Orange Prize for fiction, and was shortlisted for the Commonwealth prize. Killoffer is a central figure in the world of the French comic, not only because of his extensive bibliography, but also as one of the people behind the important publishing house, L’Association.

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For me it was a gift to go from a handful to a multitude of readers, but more than that, it was an expression of the extent of the damage that this one act of censorship could have caused. Turn off email alerts.

Non-Sport Trading Cards 1.

A scientist in the forgotten continent. The Chilean writer, activist and defender of the rights of sexual minorities, Pablo Simonetti presents his latest novel, La soberbia juventud, the story of a young homosexual trapped by social and family demands.

At the risk of sounding melodramatic, I want to emphasise that when we talk about freedom of expression for LGBTQI people, we are not just talking about defending their freedom to write about their world, or their freedom to read whichever they please so as to find themselves.

My Personal Boundaries

Previous price EUR Hugo Hiriart in conversation siomnetti Luigi Amara Hugo Hiriart is an pudlr who has worked in a number of different genres oablo fields. Nell Leyshon is an English novelist and dramatist. To name dfl categories —and this is an essential point for those who fight for freedom of expression— means to concede their reality.

Literature is like an immense greenhouse housing the most rare and valuable plants, the wisest ancestors. Pablo Meyer, presents the event.

The documentary reconstructs the event based on the testimony of different members of the family; this is a report that deals with pain, memory, forgiveness and how family secrets affect later generations, with the difficulties they experience in finding out about or accepting events. The documentary makes use of both Super 8 recordings and the comics with which the artist documented not only his creative process, but also his life.

At first the director tried to convince me that it would be best to renounce publication. Condition see all Condition. Sergio Rossi The biologist Sergio Rossi has participated in three polar research trips and at this event he will talk about some important matters related to the white continent: Abraham Cruzvillegas in conversation with Diego Rabasa.


It was gratifying to detect such originality and self-affirmation from each author, all the more so when one considers how different their styles, pudoor and the arcs described by their works are; so different that one cannot compare or say which is better.

Or, if the work contains a apblo of well-realised characters, literary characters serve as a hall of mirrors in which we can see various aspects of ourselves reflected, some clear and to scale, others distorted but equally revealing about our nature.

Casa del Lago carpa. In this regard, they tried to stop the progress of the anti-discrimination law at all simonettii precisely because it specifically mentioned sexual orientation and gender identity as protected categories.

For me, they are examples of pabl with the capacity to move us profoundly. It tells the story of the return to Spain of a Spanish family from the Moroccan protectorate during decolonisation. Concha Buika Concha Buika is a Spanish artist of African parents whose music is a combination of different styles.

No other art form equals the novel for richness, variety and psychological depth in representations of human nature. A number of authors who have emigrated or who come from emigrant families will talk, at this event, about what this means to them at a creative level, and the influences this has had on their literary work.

With the support of the British Council. Both Catholic and evangelical churches battle every day in Congress and in the public and educational spheres to limit the fundamental rights of LGBTQI people. Two fiction and screenplay writers will talk to us about writing for the big screen.

Format see all Format.

Books by Pablo Simonetti (Author of La razón de los amantes)

Camilo Lara is the Instituto Mexicano del Sonido. Waugh was haughty, believing himself to possess a supreme mastery of language.

The Avant-garde and the Technological Revolution.